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B2T Goes to #BBC2018: #BAProud Retrospect

B2T Goes to #BBC2018: #BAProud Retrospect

We decided to have some wardrobe fun at last week’s Building Business Capability (BBC) Conference. As a pioneer in this industry, we’ve always been #BAProud, but it was awesome to find out why this year’s attendees were also proud to be a BA. To help incentivize attendees to share with us, we gave away t-shirts:

Here are the answers we received for our request to complete the sentence: I am #baproud because…

  • I help teams achieve results that add value 😊
  • I make a difference for my clients!
  • I drive innovation
  • I am awesome
  • I connect business and IT
  • I listen and look for value
  • I get to help other BAs learn new techniques
  • I build solutions for business
  • It is fun and challenging
  • I help the business solve problems
  • I am a problem definer who works with people of questionable knowledge and unreliable data to produce excellent products
  • I am a facilitator of change
  • I work with various departments to help them with any roadblocks and make this more efficient
  • I create innovation teams
  • I see problems as opportunities
  • I love to elicit requirements and love to write
  • I am a collaborator/innovator
  • I solve real problems
  • I make a difference!
  • I am the explorer discovering and bringing back the “gold” (techniques, tools) that are unknown to my organization
  • I help identify business needs and solved problems
  • I enjoy delighting customers with innovative products
  • I like to enable users to change
  • I ask the questions necessary, and document needs in a way to truly transform an organization!
  • I translate business needs to requirements
  • I partner with the business to guide value-driven processes
  • I provide proven ideas that work
  • I get to help the business improve itself
  • I am a change enabler and love helping others
  • I help customers receive the help they need through applications!
  • I love solving problems and helping people!
  • I help deliver business needs the first time with their full vision being met
  • I bring value to my organization
  • I enjoy solving problems
  • I love customers and working to solve their challenges
  • I deliver what the business actually wants
  • I help focus on what (why) before everyone rushes to the how
  • I help make the right changes
  • I can solve the problem
  • I encourage discussion on true problems to get more meaningful long-term solutions
  • I like being part of the innovation that can improve the lives of others
  • I look at processes where no one is looking for solutions
  • I am the bridge between every user and the service my dept provides
  • I help everyone find changes for the better
  • I lead change and innovation in our company
  • I get to influence my company to greatness! Guiding decisions to better the outcome!
  • I get to help implement changes that add value.
  • It’s the best of all worlds – architecturally’y, analysis’y, process’y, communicative’y, model’y
  • #futureforward thinking makes me proud
  • We get s#*t done!
  • I manage a group of creative problem solvers
  • I help translate among the business and project team/develop the right thing
  • I am critical for any business
  • I break apart processes to find a root cause
  • I drive business process efficiencies
  • I work with great dev team members to generate a solution for new applications
  • I make the world a better place
  • I communicate with more project members than anyone else….effectively!
  • I facilitate change!
  • I get to be the customer’s voice
  • It makes me well-rounded and allows me to learn to deal with different personalities
  • I am a business partner to help realize efficiency and process improvements
  • I creatively write history books of how businesses evolve!
  • I help others understand what they really need 😊
  • I apply BA skills to help the business add value and eliminate inefficiencies
  • I help ease the pain of pain points
  • I use data driven insights to provide solutions to customer’s problems!
  • I help my organization move forward with innovation and collaboration
  • I help people and organizations be more productive for the right reasons
  • I learn something new each day
  • I get to innovate and provide strategic guidance
  • Someone has to save the day
  • Of all the people here!!!
  • I love helping people
  • I like getting to the root cause and find out what is needed
  • I help the business solve problems
  • I have the most diverse role on the team
  • I am part of making change happen
  • I help make projects successful
  • I provide ah ha moments
  • I bring value and deliver the necessary customer-centric  products
  • I think outside of the box and serve as a liaison between business and IT
  • I help caregivers spend more time with patients!
  • I help solve problems they didn’t’ know they had!
  • It’s my job
  • I get to be creative
  • I love to solve problems – its like playing a game 😊
  • I am able to provide value to the business
  • I implement change
  • I can solve business problems
  • It’s the greatest job ever!
  • I get to play multiple roles every day
  • I help people figure out IT stuff
  • I get to make improvements at my company
  • I am a crucial and fundamental piece of the solution we are building to solve the business problem or needs
  • I am the glue between our users and tech team
  • I am an agent of change
  • I help make a positive difference in the world
  • I make people’s job easier
  • I love to find solutions
  • I enjoy learning constantly
  • I manage amazing BAs
  • I am a team member and good listener
  • I pull the business together like glue
  • I build relationships that hold projects together
  • I make patients lives better (or at least I try)
  • I love process and creating solutions
  • I make my customers happy
  • I am the translator between the business and tech folks
  • I influence customer product
  • It’s much cooler than being a project manager!
  • I am facilitating change in my organization’
  • I am able to solve real world problems for my customers
  • I map your company’s processes and assist users in understanding how we can be better
  • I get to do a job that I LOVE!
  • I love making things better
  • I deliver products that meet the customer’s needs
  • I provide solutions
  • I like investigating problems and finding solutions
  • I love helping my company achieve goals
  • I am a transformer of business processes
  • I get to the root cause and solve the right problem
  • I can ask “why” A LOT! (I like asking ‘why’)
  • I make sure business needs are met right from the beginning of the project
  • I get to drive change for the better
  • I break down problems and help organizations find solutions
  • I work with businesses to improve their processes
  • I make things GREAT!!

We look forward to seeing everyone next year!

– Kaley

PS: If you are out and about in your t-shirt, be sure to tag us on social media with #BAProud!

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