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Business Analysis Proficiency Assessment

Business Analysis Proficiency Assessment
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Even in an agile world, analysis still happens. Agile teams need to take a proactive approach in evaluating their members from an analytical perspective. The first step is to look at the range of skills and determine levels of business analysis proficiency. Doing so will highlight the skill gaps so you can have a plan to address. To help in this analysis, we compiled a list of analytical tasks and techniques to evaluate your team.

Take this business analysis assessment to your next retrospect. Using the list of analysis skills in our worksheet, have your team members rank themselves on a scale of 1-5. Once everyone is done, tally the score for each category and if you find that you have gaps:

  • discuss how to address those gaps as a team
  • determine the most appropriate solution for your team: training, coaching, or mentoring
  • talk about how to assess and recognize when a team approach is good practice or when a project might warrant a seasoned analyst to help augment the team

But, not matter what and whatever you decide, decide as a team. For more on the analysis skills set on an agile team, read our blog post: Inventory Your Agile Analysis Skills Toolbox.

This business analysis proficiency assessment is an MS Word form document that can be printed or used electronically to identify your team’s analysis skills gaps.

business analysis assessment

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Kathy Claycomb

Kathy Claycomb

Kathy Claycomb is a Netmind Senior Instructor and brings over 30 years of IT experience to the classroom. She has participated in all phases of application development across a wide variety of platforms, and has used numerous methodologies to analyze, design and implement systems. Kathy holds a Bachelor of Science in Business and has worked in transportation, training, and software development organizations. Her first love is teaching, and throughout her career she has always managed to spend a portion of her time instructing. Kathy's students consistently praise her teaching abilities and her talent for drawing on her personal experience to enhance their learning. Connect with Kathy on LinkedIn.

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Business Analysis Proficiency Assessment

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