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How to Leverage the Context Level Data Flow Diagram Quick Tip

How to Leverage the Context Level Data Flow Diagram Quick Tip

We are firm believers that establishing project scope is a major contributing factor to project success. The primary technique we recommend is the context level data flow diagram. This diagram is not only valuable for initially establishing the scope, but can be leveraged in many ways throughout your project’s lifecycle.

Our instructors all chipped in and put together a list of 19 ways they’ve used the Context Level Data Flow Diagram to help create this Quick Tip.

context level data flow diagram

For more in-depth and comprehensive help establishing your context level data flow diagram, see our Scope Your Area of Analysis course.

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Kathy Claycomb

Kathy Claycomb

Kathy Claycomb is a Netmind Senior Instructor and brings over 30 years of IT experience to the classroom. She has participated in all phases of application development across a wide variety of platforms, and has used numerous methodologies to analyze, design and implement systems. Kathy holds a Bachelor of Science in Business and has worked in transportation, training, and software development organizations. Her first love is teaching, and throughout her career she has always managed to spend a portion of her time instructing. Kathy's students consistently praise her teaching abilities and her talent for drawing on her personal experience to enhance their learning. Connect with Kathy on LinkedIn.

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Leverage the Context Level Data Flow Diagram

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