PMI® Guide to Business Analysis Infographic

PMI® Guide to Business Analysis Infographic
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Towards the end of 2017, PMI® published its PMI® Guide to Business Analysis. Additionally, they updated their PMI-PBA certification in June 2018 to better align it to the structure and contents of the Guide.

We’ve created a graphical model that helps visualize the contents of the Guide to assist our customers who are preparing for this certification. This new infographic is available as a free download (just fill out the form on this page).

This infographic can be used to understand business analysis from a number of different perspectives:

  • At a very high level, it depicts how business analysis work supports an environment of continuous improvement.
  • It also shows the scope of business analysis work, and how that fits into an overall organizational context
  • Those preparing for the PMI-PBA certification can use it as a “road map” to the contents of the Guide.

Across the top of the infographic, we show that business analysis work spans the entire product life cycle. We then zoom in on the project life cycle and depict the processes and knowledge areas outlined in the Guide.  Here you can see how the knowledge areas support major processes or tasks in business analysis, and the relationships between those processes or tasks. Pay close attention to the “loops” we’ve depicted. The infographic is designed to convey the fact that most business analysis tasks are iterative. This is true whether you are working in an agile environment or a more traditional, predictive environment.

Another key takeaway of the infographic is the prominence of business analysis in a successful project. Regardless of role or title, business analysis is a must for project success. Notice in particular the business analyst’s relationship and interaction with stakeholders, detailed in the spheres of influence towards the bottom of the infographic.

Last but not least, the supporting techniques and competencies are shown. Successful business analysts understand and seek to improve their skills in these areas. They’re displayed at the bottom of the infographic to highlight the fact that they are the foundation upon which all other business analysis work rests.

guide to business analysis infographic

We hope you find the PMI® Guide to Business Analysis Infographic useful, whether as a study guide or just a quick reference for business analysis!

pmi-pba infographic

Also, I recommend reading my colleague, Ali’s, article (My PMI-PBA Exam Journey and Study Tips) on her experience preparing for and taking the PMI-PBA exam.

– Kathy

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PMI® Guide to Business Analysis

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