CAPM® Certified Associate in Project Management Exam Prep Boot Camp

CAPM® Certified Associate in Project Management Exam Prep Boot Camp
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Our CAPM® Certified Associate in Project Management Exam Prep Boot Camp is the most effective training for the preparation of the CAPM® Certification on the market. The aim of the course is to provide students with the knowledge, tips, and tricks needed to understand in depth project management and to pass the CAPM® Certification Exam.

Thanks to our methodological approach to certification-oriented learning, which combines classroom training with practical exam preparation exercises, our students will be able to prepare the certification exam with total guarantee of success.


At the end of this course students will be able to:

  • Identify, understand, and locate in the life cycle of a project the 5 groups of processes: start, planning, execution, control, and closing of the project d efined in “A Guide to the Project management Body of Knowledge, (PMBOK® Guide) – Sixth Edition, Project Management Institute, INC. 2016”
  • Know in depth the 10 areas of knowledge in which a project is developed: integration, scope, time, Costs, quality, resources, communications, risks, acquisitions, and stakeholders
  • Understand the ethical and professional commitment of a CAPM®
  • Practice the concepts with exercises based on practical cases and real  examination questions in each of the  knowledge areas
  • Evaluate the necessary effort to obtain this certification.
  • Plan the steps to follow to get the certification as CAPM®

Student Profile

Project managers, department directors, production managers, team leaders, analysts with responsibility for projects, and, in general, anyone who, for their professional needs, is interested in knowing the environment of good project management practices developed by the Project Management Institute (PMI®) and the CAPM® certification process.


There is no pre-requisite to attend the course. However, PMI® maintains minimum work requirements for those seeking to obtain the CAPM® certification.

Course Materials

Each student will receive a copy of the course documentation prepared by Netmind, a copy of the PMBOK® Guide, and Rita Mulcahy’s book Preparation for the PMP® Exam.


Engaging and interactive face-to-face course. Our instructors teach all course materials using the demonstrative method; the participants learn new concepts through exercises and real application practices.


This course covers the 23 hours of project management training required by PMI®.

This course prepares students for the CAPM® certification exam (not included in the course). The exam consists of 200 questions and participants are allotted 4 hours to complete it. The following steps to obtain certification are:

  1. Complete the application on the PMI® website:
  2. PMI® will respond within five days, accepting the application if the candidate is deemed appropriate.
  3. Pay exam fees at
  4. Request the exam date and time at a Prometic center:

Note: Once the exam fee is paid in step 3, the candidate has one year to complete the exam. Within this year, the candidate can take the exam up to three times. The examination fee covers only the first attempt.

The second and third attempts will incur reexamination fees determined by .

If the candidate does not pass examination in three attempts within the one-year period, they must wait one year from the date of the last attempt to re-apply for certification. These conditions are subject to change.


A certificate of attendance will be issued to students who attend the course for at least 75% of the duration.

Course Outline

  1. Introduction
    1. General Description and Purpose of this Guide
    2. Fundamental Elements
  2. The Environment in which the Projects Operate
    1. General Description
    2. Environmental Factors of the Company
    3. Assets of the Organization’s Processes
    4. Organizational Systems
  3. The Role of the Project Manager
    1. General Description
    2. Definition of a Project Director
    3. The Influence Sphere of the Project Director
    4. Competencies of the Project Director
    5. Perform Integration
  4. Project Integration Management
    1. Develop the Project Constitution Act
    2. Develop the Project Management Plan
    3. Direct and Manage Project Work
    4. Manage Project Knowledge
    5. Monitor and Control Project Work
    6. Perform Integrated Change Control
    7. Close Project o Phase
  5. Project Scope Management
    1. Plan the Scope Management
    2. Collect Requirements
    3. Define the Scope
    4. Create the EDT / WBS
    5. Validate the Scope
    6. Control the Scope
  6. Project Schedule Management
    1. Plan the Schedule Management
    2. Define the Activities
    3. Sequence the Activities
    4. Estimate the Duration of the Activities
    5. Develop the Schedule
    6. Control the Schedule
  7. Project Cost Management
    1. Plan the Cost Management
    2. Estimate the Costs
    3. Determine the Budget
    4. Control the Costs
  8. Project Quality Management
    1.  Plan Quality Management
    2. Manage Quality
    3. Control Quality
  9. Project Resource Management
    1. Plan the Resource Management
    2. Estimate the Resources of the Activities
    3. Acquire Resources
    4. Develop the Team
    5. Lead the Team
    6. Control the Resources
  10. Project Communications Management
    1. Plan Communications Management
    2. Manage Communications
    3. Monitor Communications
  11. Project Risk Management
    1. Plan the Risk Management
    2. Identify the Risks
    3. Perform the Qualitative Risk Analysis
    4. Perform the Quantitative Risk Analysis
    5. Plan the Risk Response
    6. Implement the Risk Response
    7. Monitor the Risks
  12. Project Procurement Management
    1. Plan Project Procurement Management
    2. Make Procurement
    3. Control Procurement
  13. Management of Project Stakeholders
    1. Identify Stakeholders
    2. Plan Stakeholder Involvement
    3. Manage Stakeholder Involvement
    4. Monitor Stakeholder Involvement

CAPM and PMI are registered marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

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Course Details


JJM 199


5 days

Delivery Mode

Virtual, Face-to-Face
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