Better Achievements. Find a Habitable Planet Game



Better Achievements. Find a Habitable Planet Game


Better Achievements takes place in a future where humanity decided to leave Earth in search of a habitable planet. To accomplish this, they formed a fleet of civilian ships captained by a series of special ships: Politic Starship, Science Starship, Life Starship, Health Starship, Vision Starship, and Data Starship, all of which were led by the  Fleet Council, responsible for leading humanity in its mission. Still, humanity has been traveling the cosmos for 67 years in search of a habitable planet, so the Starfleet Council needs business analysts to achieve the goal!

Are you ready to face this challenge?

Better Achievements is a game to understand and practice the discipline of Business Analysis. It is available in both traditional and agile editions.


The main objectives achieved by this game are:

  • Ability to coordinate, connecting the different stakeholders
  • Collaborative work as a guarantee of success in projects
  • The importance of planning analysis work well
  • Enable and facilitate business decision-making
  • Game play dynamics allow us to achieve the following:
    • Common objectives and methods plan
    • Evaluate and interpret the meaning of the information
    • Adapt and rethink conditions and objectives
    • Solve and learn from mistakes
    • Develop the resources to achieve the results
    • Organize goals to achieve them more easily
    • Apply evidence and logic in decision-making (environment reading)
    • Develop goals and strategies
    • Accept organization values
    • Continually overcoming
    • Relating to the team without thinking about their own benefits

During Better Achievements: Find a Habitable Planet!, participants will work on responsibility, team spirit, and decision-making in an environment of motivating collaboration.

Student Profile

This course is designed for business analysts, application developers, and systems architects. It is also recommended for project managers.


There are no prerequisites for this game. It is convenient for students to be familiar with the business analysis methodology, but it is not essential.

Game Features

Room: The game will take place in a room without computers, for up to 20 people. An Internet connection is required for the facilitator.

Duration: 8 hours of gameplay, structured in 3 parts:

  • The first phase is the introduction, it takes about 2 hours
  • In the second phase, which takes about 2 hours, teams must tackle the events they encounter.
  • In the third phase, also 2 hours, teams must make the right decisions for the conclusion of the game. Another 2 hours is dedicated to knowledge transfer and final reflections.

Players: From 8 to 20 people per game

Teams: 5 teams up to 4 people per team


The game allows students to experience success in a fun, playful environment. The facilitator observes and directs the game to achieve the proposed knowledge transfer objectives.


A certificate of attendance will be issued to students who attend the course for at least 75% of the duration.

Course Outline

Each phase of the game begins with a call from the Fleet Council, which are the letters that must first be read. They explain both the narrative and the objectives, rules and ratios involved. All phases end when players want to solve. At that time you have to access the application to be able to enter the values ​​that players consider and to have feedback from the Fleet Council.

  1. Phase I
    1. Consists of finding the coordinates of the sector of the universe where we are most likely to find a habitable planet from the necessary ratios.
    2. This phase is the easiest because it is an in-game tutorial for players to assimilate the rules by playing.
    3. Students will be separated into 5 teams, one team for each character.
    4. For each team, students will need to read and understand the character’s analytical capabilities.
  2. Phase II
    1. Once the cosmos sector is fixed, teams must determine the coordinates of the galaxy where there is a higher chance of finding a habitable planet.
  3. Phase III
    1. Players must decide which planet they inhabit with the budget and timing set.


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