Flight Level System Architecture



Flight Level System Architecture


The objective of the Flight Level Systems Architecture course is to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to design how work flows through the organization to create value and what systems to build to connect the agile islands in their organization.


At the end of this course, students will be able to answer questions such as:

  • Which stakeholder groups need to coordinate their activities?
  • What interactions are needed, and how often?
  • What types of work items flow? What is the appropriate level of granularity?
  • Where does workflow in and out of the system? What are the key pathways and exception pathways?
  • What are the key metrics we need to measure our effectiveness?
  • How can we ensure that potential problems are immediately apparent and facilitate their management?

Student profile

This course is aimed at people with leadership responsibilities, Program Managers, Agile Coaches, Change Agents, Organizational Coaches, and in general anyone with responsibilities in the management and coordination of portfolio and interdepartmental work.


Attendees should have some experience in managing the work of people and teams.

In addition, attendees should have completed the online Introduction to Flight Levels (FLIN) course. The FLIN course covers the fundamental elements of Flight Levels and is required to be taken prior to attending FLSA training. You will be given the option to purchase FLIN licenses when you book FLSA training.

Reading the book “Rethinking Agile” by Klaus Leopold is highly recommended.

Course Materials

Each student will receive a copy of the documentation produced by Netmind and the Flight Level Academy.


This is an active and participatory course through demonstrations, practical exercises and user analysis of all theoretical topics taught by the trainer in order to address real cases of the related product.


The FLSA Flight Level System Architecture certificate, issued by the Flight Levels Academy, will be awarded for attending this training.


A certificate of attendance will be issued to students who attend the course for at least 75% of the duration.

Flight Level System Architecture Course Outline

1. Overview of Flight Levels

2. Simulation of working system topologies

3. Finding and understanding use cases

4. Working system topologies

5. Flight Routes

6. Agile Interactions / Regular Communication

7. Connecting strategy with flow

8. Take-off and conclusions

Clases a Medida

Public Classes

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Course Details




4 days

Delivery Mode

Onsite, Virtual, Face-to-Face


Flight Levels

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