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Hybrid Work Culture



Following the global ‘work from home’ structure that everyone was forced into during the Covid-19 pandemic, many organizations have embraced some of the advantages and are defining a new, hybrid configuration for their teams. With a portion of employees working in the office and another portion working from home, many experts agree that this model can be more difficult to perfect when compared to others that are either 100% in the office or 100% remote.

A hybrid work model requires teams to develop new competencies to help them to see and understand working from a new perspective that:

  • Focuses on understanding the critical drivers of productivity in hybrid teams (energy, focus, coordination, and cooperation).
  • Takes into account the preferences of your employees and allows others to understand and adapt to those preferences.
  • Designs appropriate visual presentation for workflows and projects or even reinvent them to be inclusive and equitable.

Throughout this course, students will discover how to establish a hybrid work culture framework that supports a productive and collaborative environment that strengthens employee satisfaction.

Students who demonstrate understanding and application of the course materials will receive a certificate of attendance from Collaboration Superpowers.

Hybrid Work Culture Objectives

At the end of this course students will be able to:

  • Better collaborate in a hybrid work format
  • Utilize tools and techniques that help teams build agreement, increase trust, and minimize the psychosocial risks attributed to remote work
  • Incorporate communication styles that favor hybrid teams who meet less often but more efficiently
  • Create an environment for communication that is equipped with the necessary tools for everyone to contribute
  • Implement feedback and recognition programs that not only inspire continuous improvement and ensure development, but also boost the morale of those on a hybrid team

Student Profile

This course is designed for anyone who wants to learn to develop people, teams, and organizational structures that are optimal for a hybrid work environment.


There are no prerequisites to attend this course.

Course Materials

Each student will receive a copy of the course documentation prepared by Netmind.


Engaging and interactive course. Our instructors teach all course materials using the demonstrative method; the participants learn new concepts through exercises and real application practices.


This course is certified by Collaboration Superpowers. Students who attend will receive a certificate certifying this recognition.

Additionally, students will earn 7 credit hours for their attendance.


A certificate of attendance will be issued to students who attend the course for at least 75% of the duration.

Course Outline

  1. Introduction and Welcome
  2. Concept Review: Hybrid Gear
  3. Facilitate Trusting Environments
  4. Create Agreements to Avoid Misunderstandings
  5. Productive Teams that Share a Clear Vision
  6. Design and Facilitate Great Meetings
  7. Communicative Environment for Everyone to Contribute
  8. Avoid Mental Fatigue, Isolation, and Permanent Digital Connectivity
  9. Ensure Team Motivation and Development is Inspiring Continuous Improvement
  10. Feedback and Recognition

Public Classes

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Course Details


JJM 289


1 day

Delivery Mode

Virtual, Face-to-Face

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