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Microsoft 365 Mobility and Security



Microsoft 365 Mobility and Security


This course covers three central elements of Microsoft 365 enterprise administration – Microsoft 365 security management, Microsoft 365 compliance management, and Microsoft 365 device management. In Microsoft 365 security management, you will examine all the common types of threat vectors and data breaches facing organizations today, and you will learn how Microsoft 365’s security solutions address these security threats.


In this course students will learn:

  • Microsoft 365 Security Metrics
  • Microsoft 365 Security Services
  • Microsoft 365 Threat Intelligence
  • Data Governance in Microsoft 365
  • Data Governance in Microsoft 365 Intelligence
  • Search and Investigations
  • Device Management
  • Windows 10 Deployment Strategies
  • Mobile Device Management

Student profile

This course is designed for persons aspiring to the Microsoft 365 Enterprise Admin role and who have completed one of the Microsoft 365 role-based administrator certification paths.


Before attending this course, students must have:

  • Completed a role-based administrator course such as Messaging, Teamwork, Security and Compliance, or Collaboration.
  • A proficient understanding of DNS and essential functional experience with Microsoft 365 services.
  • Professional knowledge of general IT practices.

Course Materials

Students will receive a copy of the official Microsoft documentation digitally.


This is an active and participatory course through demonstrations, practical exercises and user analysis of all theoretical topics taught by the trainer to address real cases of the related product.

The trainer will also use different dynamics that allow group work in the classroom, such as challenges, assessment tests and actual cases to prepare for the associated Microsoft certification exam, if that is the case.

MS 101 | MS101 | MS-101 


This course is certified by Microsoft®.

The evaluation is continuous, based on group and individual activities. The instructor will give constant feedback to each participant.

The conditions for additional certification services are subject to the terms of the license owner or the approved certification authority.


A Certificate of Attendance will be issued only to students with an attendance of more than 75% and a Diploma of Achievement if they also pass the evaluation test.

Course Outline

1. Explore security metrics in Microsoft 365

  • Examine threat vectors and data breaches
  • Explore the Zero Trust security model
  • Explore security solutions in Microsoft 365
  • Examine Microsoft Secure Score
  • Examine Privileged Identity Management
  • Examine Azure Identity Protection

2. Manage your Microsoft 365 security services

  • Examine Exchange Online Protection
  • Examine Microsoft Defender for Office 365
  • Manage Safe Attachments
  • Manage Safe Links
  • Explore reporting in the Microsoft 365 security services

3. Implement threat intelligence in Microsoft 365

  • Explore threat intelligence in Microsoft 365
  • Explore the Security Dashboard
  • Implement Microsoft Defender for Identity
  • Implement Microsoft Cloud Application Security

4. Introduction to Data Governance in Microsoft 365

  • Explore archiving in Microsoft 365
  • Explore retention in Microsoft 365
  • Explore Information Rights Management
  • Explore Office 365 Message Encryption
  • Explore In-place Records Management in SharePoint
  • Explore Data Loss Prevention in Microsoft 365

5. Implement data governance in Microsoft 365

  • Evaluate your compliance readiness
  • Implement compliance solutions
  • Create information barriers in Microsoft 365
  • Create a DLP policy from a built-in template
  • Create a custom DLP policy
  • Create a DLP policy to protect documents
  • Implement policy tips for DLP policies

6. Manage data governance in Microsoft 365

  • Manage retention in email
  • Troubleshoot data governance
  • Explore sensitivity labels
  • Implement sensitivity labels
  • Implement Data Governance

7. Manage content search and investigations in Microsoft 365

  • Search for content in the Microsoft 365 Compliance center
  • Conduct audit log investigations
  • Manage Advanced eDiscovery

8. Prepare for device management in Microsoft 365

  • Explore Co-management of Windows 10 device
  • Prepare your Windows 10 devices for Co-management
  • The transition from Configuration Manager to Intune
  • Examine the Microsoft Store for Business
  • Plan for application management

9. Plan your Windows 10 deployment strategy

  • Examine Windows 10 deployment scenarios
  • Explore Windows Autopilot deployment models
  • Plan your Windows 10 Subscription Activation strategy
  • Resolve Windows 10 upgrade errors
  • Analyze Windows 10 diagnostic data using Desktop Analytics

10. Implement Mobile Device Management in Microsoft 365

  • Explore Mobile Device Management
  • Deploy Mobile Device Management
  • Enroll devices to Mobile Device Management
  • Manage device compliance

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Course Details


MS 101


30 hours

Delivery Mode

Onsite, Virtual, Face-to-Face



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