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Possible Mission: Escape from Earth Game



Possible Mission: Escape from Earth Game


Year 2117: The earth is in danger. The planet has ceased to be a pleasant place for human life, and scientists believe that in a few years it will no longer be habitable… The future of humanity is at stake. The only possible option is to leave earth in search of another planet to accommodate the human race and other species.

You received a crucial commission from GASA (Global Aeronautics and Space Administration); you are selected to build the ships to lead the first space expedition, “Looking for a new home”.

In Possible Mission, you will have to design a ship that allows all mankind to go to another planet. This project is critical, and there are high constraints in terms of time and resources. The whole world depends on the success of this project.

Are you ready to face this challenge?

Possible Mission is a game to understand and practice Project Management. It is available in both traditional and agile editions.


The main objectives achieved by this game are to:

  • Differentiate between planning, execution, and monitoring and control.
  • Understand the main areas of: scope, time, cost, quality, risks and benefit management.
  • Understand the other areas of: supplier and stakeholder management.
  • Focus on phases and management of different project life cycles.
  • Gain experience with program management (the game is based on 4 projects that are developed independently and that, at the end of the game, must be joined into a single project).

Student Profile

Project Management experts can use this simulation as part of their projects. They can, for example, fit them into their own methodology and projects to resolve incidents or conflicts they currently have. They can also use it as a way to start new projects or even to analyze how a team faces new projects. Training directors can use this simulation in any project management course, focusing on the aspects of communication management, teamwork, problem solving, and leadership.


There are no prerequisites for this game. It is convenient to be familiar with the project management methodology, but it is not essential.

Game Features

Room: The game will take place in a room without computers, for up to 20 people. An Internet connection is required for the facilitator.

Duration: 8 hours of gameplay, structured in 3 parts:

  • Planning, which involves about 3 hours
  • Execution, which takes about 4 hours
  • Close, which takes about 2 hours

Players: 8 to 20 people per game

Teams: 4 teams of up to 5 people per team


The game allows students to have a fun experience while reflecting on what happened in each phase, in order to extract the best takeaways.

The facilitator observes and directs the game to achieve the proposed knowledge transfer objectives.


A certificate of attendance will be issued to students who attend the course for at least 75% of the duration.

Course Outline

  1. Planning
    1. Students will be separated into 4 teams, each team for a ship.
    2. For each team, students will need to read and understand the goal of the project.
    3. They’ll have to discuss and decide the composition of the ship.
    4. They will have to decide what contingency plans they will acquire to cover the different risks.
  2. Actions
    1. Develop a broad plan for the entire project.
    2. Develop a detailed plan for the first phase.
    3. Analyze risks and acquire contingency plans, if necessary.
    4. Request authorization to start execution.
    5. Execute in 3 phases
    6. At the end of each phase, provide a summary of the completed phase.
  3.  Close
    1. At this point, teams must assemble the four ships to carry out the test flight.
    2. Each team must provide a closing report for their project, and program managers must do so for the program as a whole.
    3. Finally, they will need to identify and document lessons learned on the project.

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