Design Thinking. Develop Innovative Products and Services


Design Thinking. Develop Innovative Products and Services
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Instill an understanding of how to use design thinking within your organization. Design Thinking is not about finding the perfect solution to a problem; it’s an exploratory process to find the best possible solution to a problem. Applying the Design Thinking processes involves logic, reasoning, and classic induction and deduction principles.

Our interactive, hands-on learning experience introduces non-designers to the design thinking process and walks them through the steps to effectively problem solve and create solutions. Students will obtain knowledge of how design thinking works and how to apply design thinking tools and techniques to their own work. Let your creativity loose!



At the end of this course students will be able to:

  • Understand the benefits of Design Thinking
  • Apply Design Thinking techniques when starting a new product or service
  • Identify the Design Thinking stages:
    • Comprehension
    • Ideation
    • Prototyping
    • Evaluation
  • Learn which techniques to use at each stage
  • Practice Design Thinking techniques such as:
    • Personas
    • Customer Journey
    • Idea Generation
    • Concept Map
    • Business Model Canvas
    • Interactive Prototyping

Student Profile

Business Consultants, IT Directors, Technology Department Directors, Technology Project Managers, Project Managers, Project Analysts, those who are responsible for projects, and, in general, anyone who is responsible for bringing valuable ideas into the design of new processes, products, and solutions.


There are no prerequisites to attend this course.

Course Materials

Each student will receive a copy of the course documentation prepared by Netmind.


Engaging and interactive face-to-face course. Our instructors teach all course materials using the demonstrative method; the participants learn new concepts through exercises and real application practices.


A certificate of attendance will be issued to students who attend the course for at least 75% of the duration.


There isn’t an official certification associated with this course. However, students will earn 14 credit hours for their attendance.

Course Outline

  1. Introduction
  2. About Design Thinking
    1. Why Design Thinking
    2. User Centered Design
    3. Review of Design Thinking Frameworks
    4. The Design Thinking Process
    5. Teamwork
  3. Comprehension
    1. Understanding your users by gaining empathy
    2. Comprehension techniques
      1. Ecosystem mapping
      2. Personas
      3. Customer Journey
  4. Ideation
    1. Reframing the problem
    2. Ideation techniques
      1. Visual thinking
      2. Creative thinking
      3. Idea generation
        1.  SCAMPER
        2. Crazy 8s
        3. Concept Mapping
  5. Prototyping
    1. Concept Your Idea
    2. Main Prototyping Techniques
      1. Principles of design
      2. Human-centered design
  6. Evaluation
    1. Getting early and valuable feedback from the consumer
    2. Evaluation techniques
      1. Paper prototype
      2. Focus groups/workshops
  7. Running a Design Thinking Workshop
  8. Course Summary
    1. Key takeaway review
    2. Develop an Action Plan with next steps, based on the student’s current project

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JJM 271


2 days

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