Training from the Back of the Room


Training from the Back of the Room
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Training from the Back of the Room (TBR), by Sharon Bowman, is a set of resources, techniques, and principles based on leveraging the way our brains work to design a training event that has maximum learning impact.

In recent years, the Agile Community has made TBR an essential reference for all training and coaching professionals who want to teach courses that really achieve their goal; to help students learn.

However, TBR training is not just oriented toward training instructors, but also to speakers, Scrum Masters, agile coaches, and in general anyone who speaks in public and wants to better convey their message by getting the audience involved. Our parent company, Netmind, has been an official TBR trainer since April 2017.

Download our infographic to better understand the principles of Training from the Back of the Room.


At the end of this course students will be able to:

  • Explain and define the most current brain science on human learning: information that is directly applicable to all instruction, whether in classrooms, one-on-one or virtually (OpenClass).
  • Apply “The Six Trumps”– six learning principles based on brain science that will significantly enhance learning and retention, regardless of the content being taught.
  • Recognize these six principles of learning in action.
  • Use these principles in any learning environment.
  • Combine brain science and technology to improve learning by using both creativity and collaboration.
  • Access new resources that will expand your knowledge of the most current brain science on human learning.
  • Utilize the trainer’s tool bag of practical tips and activities: a collection of the best practices that you created during the training program.
  • For agile trainers and Scrum trainers: Combine the Agile and Scrum processes and principles with Accelerated Learning to create collaborative, interactive, fun, and memorable learning experiences.

Student Profile

  • Teachers/Coaches
  • Speakers/Presenters
  • Agile trainers and trainers
  • Anyone who needs to involve an audience!


We recommend students have experience in providing training or facilitation of groups.

Course Materials

Each student will receive a copy of the course documentation prepared by Netmind.


All activities are designed with the 4Cs approach and follow the 6 principles of parentalization, based on the best brain science.


Students will earn 14 credit hours for their attendance.


A certificate of attendance will be issued to students who attend the course for at least 75% of the duration.

Course Outline

  1. Day One: Brain Science and Learning
    1. Warming up: pre-workshop activities
    2. Top to wear. Learning outcomes
    3. Suggestions for success
    4. The 4Cs map
    5. The trainer’s toolbox
    6. Conceptual centers
    7. Brain sciences and human learning
    8. The Six Trumps
    9. The walk through the gallery (The Gallery Walk)
    10. Learning record
  2. Day Two: Brain-based training design with the 4Cs map
    1. The map of the 4Cs
    2. The RAS and the Triune brain
    3. Six ways to transfer information to long-term memory
    4. The 4Cs toolbox
    5. Training design reminders
    6. Creating your own 4Cs Map
    7. Learning record

Public Classes

Currently, we don't have any public sessions of this course scheduled. Please let us know if you are interested in adding a session.

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Course Details


JJM 278


2 days

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Training from the Back of the Room
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