Digital Teams

We help teams drive, promote, and lead the digital transformation in their organization. 

Digital Business Transformation

Transform your work culture to be ready for a disruptive digital world.

Utilize talent as a key driver for digital strategy.


Promote a new peer-based learning culture.



How We Do It

We utilize innovative methodologies that empower digital teams to be the true drivers of digital business transformations. Through a development partnership, we are able to promote powerful cultural changes that are adapted to the reality and needs of each company.

We design training activities and programs that go beyond responding to short-term needs and help organizations realize their improvement and transformation initiatives. To achieve this, we created our own training methodology, NextB.

We facilitate workshops to identify, define, create, and/or plan solutions and improvement actions. We utilize design thinking, graphic facilitation, and gamification techniques to drive participant creativity, participation, commitment, and consensus.

We help teams apply new knowledge and accompany them in their process of improvement or transformation. Our services always aim to promote teams’ autonomy and expedite the achievement of expected results in training and workshops.

Our innovative solution combines co-creation workshops with immersive training and mentoring. This combination maximizes impact of training by streamlining the application of the new knowledge directly to the team’s project. Course Based Improvement is a complete solution that will improve and transform teams and their work models.

Train to transform. We partner with large organizations in their transformation by establishing and promoting a global change program that is lead by their own teams. This change program utilizes training as a strategic tool to transform work models and management methodologies resulting in a new organizational culture.

Featured Courses

We utilize training as a tool to empower teams and transform organizations.

Training from anywhere, without traveling.

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