Course Based Improvement

Course Based Improvement
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Training with a Real and Measurable Impact

In the highly competitive business ecosystem of today, organizations must not only learn at a fast pace, but also implement the new knowledge quickly in order to improve their outcomes. We developed Course Based Improvement as a comprehensive service plan that targets your specific needs, delivers custom materials, and applies the knowledge directly to your project.

Course Based Improvement includes an implementation roadmap that is supported by optional on-going mentoring to ensure integration and fulfillment of the actions developed.

0. Analysis

Objective: Discover the aspirations and objectives of the client and analyze their current situation (strategy and organization, profiles, team characteristics, work methodologies, etc). Design a training and mentoring proposal that allows us to achieve the defined objectives using our unique Course Design Canvas.

Duration: 1 Day

Deliverable: Custom Training Proposal

1. Training

Objective: Provide students with the necessary knowledge to understand how best practices could be applied in their organization or team and achieve the desired outcome.

Duration: 2-4 Days

Deliverables: Training Documentation

2. Workshop

ObjectiveHands-on work to best apply the training materials by analyzing the current situation of the department, identifying improvement actions to be carried out, planning the timing, and defining those responsible for executing them.

Duration: 1 Day

DeliverablesSituation Report and Action Plan

3. Mentoring

ObjectiveOptional mentoring to help those responsible for executing the different actions defined in the action plan to carry them out and support the directive to achieve the defined objectives.

Duration: 9 Days (over 3 months)

DeliverableQuarterly Monitoring Report

Custom Training Solution for:

Team Collaboration

Implement a Sustainable Approach

Agile Leadership

Retrospective Assessment

SAFe Implementation

Backlog Management

Ceremony Execution

Team Realignment

Establish a Reward Program

Total Transparency

KPIs + Executive Dashboard

Cross-Functional Training