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What is DevOps?

DevOps is a cultural and organizational model that promotes collaboration between “Dev”elopment and “Op”erations teams to form high-performing IT teams that think as one to achieve business objectives. DevOps takes the best from the Lean and Agile mindsets to deliver value as soon as possible to the customer by removing the activities that don’t offer value.

Implementing DevOps entails cultural changes and a set of tools that will help to create the best product (CI/CD, testing, deployment, monitoring, i.e.). Its primary goal is to build teams around a product covering all the activities related with building, testing, deployment and maintenance delivering better software more frequently.

what is devops

DevOps is based on several principles:

  • Customer-Centric Action: Quick feedback loops place the value perceived by the customer as the most important.
  • Create with the End in Mind: Team members think in current and future versions of the product or service using an engineer mindset and with focus in collaboration
  • End-to-End Responsibility: All team members work with the product from “concept to grave”
  • Cross-Functional Autonomous Teams: Teams must have all the skills needed to create the product within itself
  • Continuous Improvement: Adapt and re-adapt activities, metrics, quality, and value with changing circumstances.
  • Automate Everything You Can: Remove human interaction in activities to create a faster, more lean way of working and design better value streams by reducing or removing delays.

Why is it important?

Building, testing, and deploying software can be complicated. Developers need to integrate components, Testers need to validate the quality of the new product version, and Operators need to manage the incidents and requests from the customer and/or users. Having a collaborative team to drive these work processes as a whole will help organizations deliver more value faster and efficiently.

In the disruptive world that organizations are confronted with today, the ability to respond quickly is essential and DevOps is essential to that response.

DevOps Courses

Get DevOps Certified

DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA) is an open community whose purpose is to promote knowledge about DevOps, support a global certification program, and be an advocate for the development of those performing agile DevOps initiatives. DASA developed the first standard training and certification program in DevOps.

Netmind is one of the driving members of the association (DASA Forerunner) and an official training center. We are accredited to deliver the following certification trainings.

Accredited Instructors

Angel M Rayo

Technical Lead Expert

joaquin garcia

Joaquin Garcia

Lead Trainer and Mentor in IT Governance

Ricardo Ahumada

Lead Trainer in Full Stack Development

Alonso Alvarez

Lead Expert in Agile