Computational Thinking is not Artificial Intelligence-EN

Computational Thinking is not Artificial Intelligence-EN


Does Computational Thinking sound like thinking like a machine? Can artificial intelligences help me think better? Do machines think? But what is thinking?

So many questions! Let’s have some answers… Computational Thinking is not artificial intelligence, nor thinking like a machine. Machines only reproduce a small part of the human thinking we know. The human being has a much more complete capacity to solve complex problems than a computer.

computational thinking
Transformation Sketch "Computational Thinking is not Artificial Intelligence" | Illustrated by Andy Baraja

In the digital world in which we live, human-machine synergy is inevitable. As well as beneficial and full of opportunities. Using tools such as computers, software solutions or artificial intelligence can help us to be more efficient and, in many cases, make better informed decisions.

Does this mean we should start thinking like machines?

Absolutely not. Nevertheless, in order to maximize our competitive advantage in this new ecosystem led by software solutions, we will need to consider our solutions to be transferable to machines in order to improve our efficiency. Computational Thinking puts at our fingertips the concepts and skills needed to facilitate such synergy.

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