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Play .gif Battles

Play .gif Battles

What is it?

This just-for-fun game is great for teambuilding. After all, bonding and laughing together are important contributors to teams’ health and productivity!

Time Needed

10 Minutes

Number of Participants


Supplies Needed

This Trello board template has everything you need to get started.

Process Steps

  1. First, create a new board from the Trello board template. From there, you can customize the themes of each round (or use the existing ones).
  2. For each round, everyone will search for a .gif (using or even Google Images) that they think fits the theme best.
  3. After finding a win-worthy .gif , attach it to a card in the correct column on the Trello board. You can do this by copy/pasting the link or dragging and dropping it onto the card. Don’t forget to add your name to the card, too!
  4. Once everyone has contributed, participants vote on their favorite .gifs in each category. Simply open the card you want to “Thumbs Up” and select the “Vote” option.
  5. If there is a tie, the finalists move on to a Tie-Breaker round. 
  6. The last .gif-er standing will earn the title “GIF Guru”!

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