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Change Agent Training Courses

Change Agent Training Courses
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Courses for Change Agents

A Change Agent provides the technical know-how and the social support needed by organizations to learn and adopt new lean practices. They have responsibility from the point of design and planning through execution of the change. Change Agents help create an environment where an organization will inspect, reflect, learn, and change behavior for the better.

It is also critical for Change Agents to develop Sponsors and new Change Agents by creating common goals for success that promote an environment for change to become contagious. Good Change Agents facilitate change by being relatable, realistic, and empowering. They contribute to the change by providing transparency, offering training and learning opportunities, and allowing the establishment of transversal knowledge networks, such as communities of practice.

Change agents in an organization can be coaches or consultants (internal or external), and can also be anyone from HR to Marketing, trainers, support staff, or even Managers.

The following courses are a just a sub-set of our full catalog; we recommend these courses specifically for someone looking to develop their expertise as a Change Agent. We can assist in identifying which is right for you or your team. We are happy to help!

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