Change Management Certifications

Change Management Certifications
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Introduction to Change Management Certifications

Change Management is the sum of all the measures we take, at the professional or corporate level, to move from one state to another. These actions involve a wide range of interpersonal skills such as communication, ability to influence or persuade, among many others. In addition, a Change Manager must know how to distinguish between the importance of all activities and prioritize resources appropriately.

APMG partnered with the Change Management Institute (CMI) to create the first professional certification scheme for Change Managers, based on the CMBoK (Change Management Body of Knowledge) – the Change Management Foundation and Change Management Practitioner certifications.

The CMBoK is a collection of best practices in change management and aims to become the standard resource for the professionalization of change managers, as well as a standard tool for all organizations who want to improve their change management capabilities. It is organized into 13 areas of competency, each of which details the theoretical knowledge and practical experience that professionals responsible for leading and managing change should possess. The CMBoK is not a methodology; it is a body of knowledge that incorporates the principles and theories on the management of change by authors such as John Kotter, William Bridges, Kübler Ross, Carolyn Taylor, Kurt Lewin, and Peter Senge. It also incorporates useful business management practices to make change management efficient across organizations.

Change Management Certifications + Courses

Change Management Foundation

Candidates for the Change Management Foundation certification must have sufficient knowledge to work on a team involved in an organizational change initiative.

Change Management Practitioner

Candidates for the Practitioner level certification must be able to apply and adapt the CMBoK principles to lead a change in an organization. The Foundation level certification is a prerequisite for the Practitioner level certification.

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