Co-Creation Workshops

Co-Creation Workshops
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Knowledge is good. Application is better.

We utilize workshops as tools to define and agree on strategic plans, identify and prioritize requirements, co-create custom training courses and programs, and solve complex technical problems. Our workshops apply design thinking, graphic facilitation, and gamification techniques to create learning experiences that drive participant creativity, participation, commitment, and consensus.

Workshops are conducted for situations in which a level of collaboration, commitment, and agreement between different participants is high.

Learning Program and Course Design Workshop

We facilitate our program and course development workshops using our design canvas tool. Depending on your level of need, we will use one or both of the canvases to gain consensus on exactly who will attend, what will be covered, and how your custom training will be delivered.

For maximum effectiveness, we recommend several parties be a part of the workshop, including representatives from leadership and the team. By including various levels of stakeholders in the transformation development, we are able to design an initiative that considers all aspects that foster success. This greatly contributes to a shared understanding, participant buy-in, and overall communication in a fast and effective way.

Next Steps Workshop

Following training, we conduct a Next Steps Workshop. These workshops are design for students utilize their current and/or future projects as the subject matter.


Our expert works with the students to best apply the new knowledge by analyzing the current situation of their project, identifying improvement actions, creating a timeline, and assigning the action to the appropriate team member(s).


Work session of participatory and dynamic sharing through design and visual thinking techniques.


Situation report and action plan.

More Transformation Tools

Training activities and programs that go beyond responding to short-term needs and help realize transformation initiatives.

Apply new knowledge and become autonomous as soon as possible by promoting mindset changes, empowerment, and potential.