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BA Certification Program FAQs




If you have never logged into the My Account page, you will need to create a new account. However, the email address is your unique identifier and is important in establishing a connection to your certification record. If you create your account and find that your certification records are not published (classes/exams, badge and certification status), please email us to update your primary email address to match your certification record associated address.

You will automatically receive the new BA Associate badge. The new program requirements for BA Associate are:

  • Attend Essential Skills for Business Analysis
  • Pass the Essential Skills for Business Analysis exam
  • Any 2 badges

By having achieved BA Associate in the past, you completed the Essential Skills for Business Analysis course, passed the Essential Skills for Business Analysis proficiency exam, and earned three badges: Process Analysis, Data Analysis and Functional Analysis. You have also received credit towards other badges in the program for the four parts that make up Essential Skills for Business Analysis (listed below). Each relates to one or more badges in the program.

  • Requirements Elicitation and Review
  • Scope Your Area of Analysis
  • Requirements Analysis Techniques
  • Applying Business Analysis

You will automatically receive the new BA Certified badge. The new program requirements for BA Certified are:

  • BA Associate Level Certification
  • 2 Additional Badges

Depending on when you earned your certification, you will have either:

  • Achieved BA Certified by earning BA Associate and 2 additional badges. Three of the required badges were achieved with your BA Associate certification. The one additional badge earned is unique based on the advanced courses you selected to achieve BA Certified.
  • Achieved BA Certified through a more dated version of certification (prior to May 2011) which leaves you one badge short. As you were required to complete other certification criteria at the time, you will be grandfathered into the new program and retain your BA Certified status. On the My Account page, you will see Legacy BA Certified.

The date of your badge or certification achievement will be reflected by the date that this program was developed, not your original date of issue. If you need professional validation of your initial date of achievement, please email We are happy to provide.

Please contact your training provider to receive historical class attendance information.

Open Badges

Open Badges are, “verifiable, portable digital badges with embedded metadata about skills and achievements.” Basically, it is an open platform that allows people to share their accomplishments and the related details in a digital format with others.

For more information, we recommend taking a look at this page on their website.

Once you have completed a badge or certification, your badge will be available to share through your Badgr Backpack account. Under each badge and certification, an “Add to Backpack” button will appear. If you don’t already have a Badgr account, you must create the Backpack account first. Once your account has been created, choose “Add to Backpack” and log in. You can then choose to add the badge to Badgr.

Check out the screencast we put together to help make the process easy to follow!

You can share badges by creating a Collection on your account page. Check out the screencast we put together to help make the process easy to follow!

Badgr also has some other recommendations for how to share your accomplishments on their website.

You can add additional email addresses to your Backpack account. See this post from Badgr for detailed instructions on how to complete this action.


  • Sensibilización en la importancia de las e-Competences
  • Capacitación Técnica y en Gestión de la Tecnología
  • Formación a medida
  • Adaptación de contenidos propios a formación presencial y online


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