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Business User Training Courses

Business User Training Courses
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Courses for Business Users

It is a fairly common misunderstanding that Agile only applies to those that work directly with or are dedicated to IT. In reality, agility can be applied across the entire organization and in all business units, including sales, marketing, human resources, and more. Integrating agile into areas outside of IT not only helps the organization work better together as whole, but also positively impacts the daily work of all people to increase productivity and provide more value to the customer.

Business users can take advantage Agile by applying various practices, tools, and techniques such as Kanban, continuous improvement, an incremental and iterative approach to products, servant-leadership, collaboration, and value delivery. By non-IT business units working in similar ways as their technology-based counterparts, they act as support structures for developing and delivering solutions that are related to outcomes and the highest possible customer satisfaction.

The following courses are a just a sub-set of our full catalog; we recommend these courses specifically for someone looking to develop their expertise in agility as a Business User. We can assist in identifying which is right for you or your team. We are happy to help!

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