Change Management Week

5 days. 1 keynote per day.

The week of June 14th, we hosted a virtual event to share experiences and reflect on new approaches and trends in Change Management and Business Transformation.

We are working hard to get the recordings posted to this page. 

In the meantime, take a look at the following resources:

Day 1: Melanie Franklin

Organizational Benefits of an Agile Change Approach

Watch the Recording

Day 2: Lyssa Adkis

Comfort in the Discomfort: Using Modern Change Management and Edge Theory to Metabolize Change in Uncertain Times

Watch the Recording

Day 3: Jason Little

5 Universals of Change

Watch the Recording

Day 4: Alfred Maeso

Re_Evolution: The Journey of Companies Through Constant Change

Watch the Recording

Day 5: Leandro Herrero

Culture Change 2021: Large Scale Is Not Small Scale Repeated Many Times

Watch the Recording

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