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Course Based Improvement

Course Based Improvement

Training with Real and Measurable Impact

In the highly competitive business ecosystem of today, organizations must not only learn at a fast pace, but also implement the new knowledge quickly in order to improve their outcomes. We developed Course Based Improvement as a comprehensive service plan that targets your specific needs, delivers custom materials, and applies the knowledge directly to your project.

Course Based Improvement includes an implementation roadmap that is supported by optional ongoing mentoring to ensure integration and fulfillment of the actions developed. Design a custom service using our 4-phase approach.

cbi_agile team training

Benefits of our approach include collaborative identification of improvement goal, accelerated application of knowledge, team alignment, increased team motivation, and higher return on investment vs. standard training and coaching services.



Co-creation workshop to analyze the TO BE state and design your custom training proposal utilizing our Course Design Canvas.


1 Day


Custom Training Proposal



Provide students with the necessary knowledge to achieve the desired outcome determined in the analysis phase.


2-4 Days


Training Materials



Hands-on work to apply the training content to your specific team or project and define an agile adoption action plan.


1 Day


Situation Report and Action



Ongoing expert support and help to execute the defined actions, adopt the new work culture, and promote continual learning.


9 Days (over 3 months)


Quarterly Monitoring Report

Custom Training Solution

These are just a few examples of challenges we can help your team overcome with our Course Based Improvement solution.

Team Collaboration

Implement a Sustainable Approach

Agile Leadership

Retrospective Assessment

SAFe Implementation

Backlog Management

Ceremony Execution

Team Realignment

Establish a Reward Program

Total Transparency

KPIs + Executive Dashboard

Cross-Functional Training

More Transformation Solutions

 Form new work models and management methodologies by utilizing training as a strategic tool to establish and promote a global change program that is lead by your own talent.

Implement a new learning model that incorporates profile development, program design, and learning material creation to build learning paths that help your people work efficiently.

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