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Requirements Elicitation and Review



Requirements Elicitation and Review


Getting the requirements right means not just documenting what stakeholders say, but digging into their statements (or eliciting) to understand what they mean. This course supports those efforts by providing students the essential elicitation and review skills they need to identify the right solutions and drive significant value on their projects. Students learn repeatable steps and practice techniques to begin elicitation, stay organized, enable critical thinking, and confirm requirements.

This course covers an extensive list of requirements elicitation techniques. Having a long list of techniques to choose from allows the analyst flexibility in their approach to gain maximum insight. Students will learn how to plan their elicitation within the scope of their analysis and determine which requirements elicitation techniques are appropriate based on stakeholders, project type, methodology, and complexity. A comprehensive job aid is provided as a quick reference to define each elicitation technique, suggestions for when to use it, and how to use the technique.


  • Discuss what business analysis is
  • Explore various requirements
  • Use effective techniques to elicit requirements from various stakeholders
  • Determine the most appropriate elicitation technique for the desired results
  • Enhance active listening skills to understand what stakeholders are really saying and verify the message
  • Identify techniques for reviewing and validating requirements
  • Practice critical thinking skills for engaging stakeholders, identifying needs, and select new approaches and ideas

Student Profile

This course is designed for Business Analysts, Project Managers, Business Systems Analysts, Product Managers, Product Owners, System Architect, Process Engineers, Requirements Engineers or any member of the project team.

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There are no prerequisites to attend this course.

Course Materials

Each student will receive a copy of the course documentation prepared by Netmind.


Interactive workshops allow students to practice requirements analysis techniques as they learn. It is compatible with the standards described in the BABOK® IIBA Guide and the PMI-PBA®certification. This course can be taught independently or as part of our 4-day Essential Skills for Business Analysis course.


This course is included in our Business Analysis Certification Program. By attending this course, students earn credit towards the BA Associate and BA Certified certifications, as well as credit towards the Agile Analysis Badge and the Elicitation/Facilitation Badge.

Additionally, students will earn 7 credit hours for their attendance.


A certificate of attendance will be issued to students who attend the course for at least 75% of the duration.

Course Outline

  1. Introduction
    1. Define business analysis
    2. Discuss what requirements are and how they are utilized in analysis
    3. Describe requirements elicitation and techniques available
  2. Putting Requirements Elicitation into Practice
    1. Describe the considerations for planning elicitation
    2. Manage conflict within the context of requirements and stakeholders
    3. Describe how to use 12 different elicitation techniques within three categories to understand stakeholder requirements
      1. Collaborative
        1. Interview
        2. Brainstorming
        3. Requirements Workshops
        4. Focus Groups
        5. Personas
        6. Collaborative Games
      2. Research-Based
        1. Document Analysis
        2. Benchmarking and Market Analysis
        3. Data Mining
        4. Surveys/Questionnaires
      3. Experiments
        1. Observational Studies
        2. Prototypes and Proofs of Concept
    4. Improve your elicitation skills by:
      1. Practicing several elicitation techniques
      2. Utilizing active listening techniques
      3. Enhancing critical thinking skills
      4. Using various techniques for increased brainstorming results
    5. Choose the appropriate technique(s) for your project
  3. Course Summary
    1. Bringing it all together
    2. Develop an Action Plan with next steps on the student’s current project
  4. Appendix – Job Aid
    1. Stakeholder Analysis Template
    2. Quick Tips: Stakeholder Engagement
    3. Brainstorming Techniques Job Aid
    4. Elicitation Plan Detail Job Aid
    5. Elicitation Planning Job Aid
    6. Engaging Participants Job Aid
    7. Persona Template

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Course Details


JIS 402-A


1 day

Delivery Mode

Virtual, Face-to-Face


BA Certified

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