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Senior Instructor, BA Certified, CBAP, TKP, Management 3.0 Facilitator, Training from the Back of the Room Instructor


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kathy claycomb


Camping, cooking, cooking while camping, hiking, gardening, underwater photography, needle arts, home remodeling projects

First Job

The first one I got paid for was typing papers in college, but being raised on a farm, I did lots of unpaid jobs!

Favorite Food

Anything chocolate

Best Advice Ever Received

One of my first bosses in the corporate world gave me a copy of a book entitled Intrapreneuring. I used to keep a copy of “The Intrapreneur’s 10 Commandments” hanging in my office:

  1. Come to work each day willing to be fired.
  2. Circumvent any orders aimed at stopping your dream.
  3. Do any job needed to make your project work, regardless of your job description.
  4. Find people to help you.
  5. Follow your intuition about the people you choose, and work only with the best.
  6. Work underground as long as you can – publicity triggers the corporate immune mechanism.
  7. Never bet on a race unless you are running it.
  8. Remember it is easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission.
  9. Be true to your goals, but be realistic about the ways to achieve them.
  10. Honor your sponsors.


Kathy Claycomb brings over 30 years of IT experience to the classroom. She has participated in all phases of application development across a wide variety of platforms, and has used numerous methodologies to analyze, design and implement systems. Kathy holds a Bachelor of Science in Business and has worked in transportation, training, and software development organizations.

Kathy’s first love is teaching, and throughout her career she has always managed to spend a portion of her time instructing. She has an engaging, highly interactive teaching style that ensures students leave the course with a thorough grasp of the material. Her students consistently praise her teaching abilities and her talent for drawing on her personal experience to enhance their learning.

Student Comments

Kathy is really fantastic. She was the absolute professional, and I would easily sit in on any class she was to teach knowing that she would provide a clear and consistent message that enhanced the written documentation.

Kathy Claycomb is a PHENOMENAL instructor! Very well-organized, knowledgeable, patient, resilient, interactive, and engaging. She is definitely an attribute to the Netmind company.

Kathy was a fantastic instructor. The knowledge she instilled has given me more confidence to perform at a higher level at my job.

Kathy was absolutely wonderful. Very educated, well-spoken, and kept us on task and on time. I think she was particularly gifted in engaging the whole class in the activities and discussion. I would love to take a class with her again!!

Kathy was fantastic. I was dreading the training, thinking it was going to be 4 days of someone reading to me from a textbook. She kept it very entertaining and engaging. I would love to take more classes from her in the future! I love how she aware she is of moving the screen, doesn't make me dizzy by scrolling too fast or moving the mouse too quickly. Those are little things that people don't think about that can make a huge difference. This was a really great experience. She also answered questions with real-life examples and analogies to make them applicable. Great job!

Kathy was absolutely wonderful. Very educated, well-spoken, and kept us on task and on time. I think she was particularly gifted in engaging the whole class in the activities and discussion. I would love to take a class with her again!!

Kathy was a great instructor. She incorporated good real-world examples of the concepts, and the class was an excellent mix of learning and application of concepts. Frequent team breakout sessions ensured engagement.

Kathy was incredible. I've worked with many corporate trainers during my career and trained multiple classes myself and I was blown away by how great Kathy was. She was prepared, knew the material backwards and forwards, kept the class energized and made complicated processes make sense and feel easy.

Kathy was phenomenal. She took her time explaining and ensuring that everyone understood. I really appreciated how she taught using different methods for people with different learning techniques.

Kathy Clayclomb needs a raise. She is exceptional at taking High Level concepts and distilling them down into useful pieces of information. She's excellent at demonstrating the value in deconstructing large piles of data into more easily managed chunks and clearly illustrating how to execute the distilling process.

Kathy is a tremendous teacher and is perfectly suited for her job. Her wide array of life experiences help round out everything about the class.

Kathy was an excellent instructor. She took the time after class and during lunch hours to help students. She also facilitated the classroom well and did a good job explaining things multiple ways to help all learning styles.

Instructor was very knowledgeable and was able to explain things multiple ways for everyone to understand. She was EXCELLENT!!!!

Kathy was amazing, she is a huge asset to your company. I would love to take more classes from her!

I think Kathy is amazing and she should be commended and rewarded. She has a wonderful way of speaking and she moves through the material quickly and efficiently. I also think that her having such a wealth of experience under her belt makes it a lot easier to learn the material because she has actual relevant experience for each and every topic. She also has a good personality and cares about us as students.

Kathy was an AMAZING instructor. Should there be any courses taught by her in the future, I’d definitely like to attend as her teaching style is concise, relatable and engaging. Thank you Kathy, you’re the best.

Kathy was absolutely incredible, very knowledgeable, and effective at communicating/teaching the concepts and ensuring understanding so we can apply these techniques/skills to our jobs. Thank you!

Kathy was wonderful!!! She took the time to make sure everyone understood the course material. I also really like her way of teaching- which was to include all types of learners.

Kathy was great. She is very professional and knowledgeable of the material. She was fabulous at sticking to a schedule and starting and ending class on time. That’s very important to me and very professional. She did a good job pushing us to think through the scenarios and encouraging us to take it to another level.

I cannot speak highly enough of Kathy’s ability to instruct the material, use her experience and expertise to answer all of my questions and make me feel like I really can apply all of the concepts I learned and be successful. I would sign up for any class of hers even if it was how to wash a car; I guarantee I’d learn something new and have fun while doing it!

Kathy was an excellent trainer/facilitator. She was attentive to the pace of all participants, and adjusted her speed and level of details to accommodate all participants. She checked for understanding, and made it clear that there would be opportunities to communicate with her in the future should additional questions arise.

Last week Kathy was teaching a class at my company. As a former teacher myself, I could see within an hour that Kathy was an excellent instructor. But what really impressed me is that she broke her nose Monday night, came in on Tuesday morning and did not skip a beat. It was quite a performance. Instructors don’t get better!

Kathy did a great job keeping the course moving in order to maintain the attendees’ attention. She is passionate about what she is teaching which made the course very enjoyable. Kathy also offered tips and provided thought-provoking insights. She is an excellent instructor.

Kathy was great. Very down-to-earth, but professional at the same time. She was really good at drawing out conversation and participation.

Kathy is an instructor extraordinaire!

Kathy was probably the best trainer I’ve ever had. She asked intelligent and thought provoking questions and responded to our answers with gentle corrections and/or positive feedback, while still letting us know if were on the right or wrong track.

Kathy was a very impressive and effective training. It was obvious in her teaching style and based on personal experiences shared in class that she is a subject matter expert. I would definitely recommend her to peers and would look forward to more classes taught by Kathy.

Kathy did an excellent job. She was prepared, organized, personable, and had good examples from her career (to supplement the textbook material).

Kathy was a fantastic facilitator. I enjoyed her class and would highly recommend her. She came from a position of great knowledge, but broke it down to very easy to understands parts. Bravo!

This was one of the best classes I have ever attended (Essential Skills). The subject was covered at just the right level of detail and at the right pace. Kathy was an excellent instructor and I am going to recommend that she teach all our classes.


  • Sensibilización en la importancia de las e-Competences
  • Capacitación Técnica y en Gestión de la Tecnología
  • Formación a medida
  • Adaptación de contenidos propios a formación presencial y online


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