"From months to days...Sourcing with Lean Agile Procurement"

The success story of SwissCasinos

Wednesday February 16, 2022
6.00-7.00pm (GMT+1)

Join us for our session with
Mirko Kleiner, the President of the Lean-Agile Procurement Alliance, Thought Leader in Lean-Agile Procurement.

 The success story by SwissCasinos Group and flowdays “Sourcing an ERP in 2 days” via Lean-Agile Procurement® is a leading example of the potential of true collaboration. Experience and learn by this example how you can create a win-win situation for all parties involved (customer, buyer & vendor). What if we upgrade the Request for Proposal into “Request for Participation”

Learn the 4 steps about the applied approach Lean Agile Procurement and increase business value at the same time

What is Lean Agile Procurement?

Is a new, exciting simple approach for procurement, that makes fun. It’s based on agile and lean principles and focus to the business value and the people involved.

The results will surprise you! Lead time of sourcing a new partner is reduced to days, most important customer problems are solved first and the risk -to evaluate the wrong partner- is minimized

Know the inicial 5 goals

  1. Reduce preparation efforts as much as possible (reduce waste)
  2. Time to market should be improved dramatically (days instead of months), so that delivering business outcome starts earlier
  3. No custom proposals any more, just ONE page in a predefined structure, so that creation and comparison of multiple proposals becomes as easy as possible
  4. Focus lays on evaluation of partner too (Soft- & hard skills)
  5. No additional translation step via Legal, lean procurement canvas is an agile contract

It might be also useful for

Procurement managers, or other responsible persons like delivery heads, scrum master, etc to make management of existing partnerships more transparent

Human Ressource Manager, or any other responsible persons doing HR-Tasks such as extending current agile teams, etc

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