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OpenClass® Virtual Training


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Virtual Learning Solution

OpenClass® is a live, online classroom training solution based on the latest collaboration and videoconferencing technologies. OpenClass® allows students located anywhere in the world to attend our courses, with a training experience almost equal to that of classroom training. In OpenClass® courses, students can interact with the trainer and the rest of their classmates as they would do in a classroom course. We’ve also incorporated important advantages such as deferred access to the recorded classes to review the contents worked on the course or recover the sessions in which you could not attend.

As a company who is helping others innovate and learn, we are always seeking out, developing, and utilizing the latest and most modern training technologies. In 2011, we developed the OpenClass® virtual training methodology as part of our strategic continuous improvement plan. This process of migrating our entire technology training platform to the cloud allowed us to achieve greater flexibility, comfort, and availability of classroom infrastructure for the benefit of all our students and clients.

“Historically, professionals with specific training needs have had to cover travel and related expenses to access the best training. With this technology, Netmind reduces these costs and immediately enables specialized training.” – Aleix Palau, CEO of Netmind

Experience OpenClass

We are in the process of transitioning from Blackboard Collaborate to Microsoft Teams for our virtual class platform. We made this choice in an effort to provide a better learning experience for our students and instructors. The capabilities we currently have will remain the same (and even improve in some cases)! Take a look at this video to understand a little more about how we make our virtual classes fun and interactive for everyone. 

OpenClass Modality Benefits

Learn From Anywhere

Students can attend an OpenClass course from anywhere and through any device with an internet connection.

Recorded Sessions

OpenClass courses can be recorded so that students can review at a later time.

Cost Savings

OpenClass® eliminates travel expenses and also minimizes non-productive time that students would otherwise be spent traveling to class.

OpenClass Requirements



Desktop, laptop, or tablet


Operating System

Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS or Android


High-Speed Internet Connection

Browser: Chrome (recommended), Edge, Firefox, or Safari


Microphone or Headphones

Interact with the instructor and other students

Collaboration Tools

OpenClass utilizes a powerful assortment of collaboration tools to deliver effective live, virtual training.

OpenClass Success

We have offered training through OpenClass® to both small and large organizations, with various student counts and training needs:

"This was my first experience taking a virtual training class due to the corona pandemic. For a virtual experience, I didn't feel that I missed any add value material or interaction was missed. I was very impressed."
Amanda F.
OpenClass Student
"Kathy was a wonderful instructor. I love the way that this class is set up virtually. Everyone still gets to be very involved and you learn so much more by actively participating."
Summer K.
OpenClass Student
"I really liked the virtual way of doing this class. Sometimes in a physical classroom my mind wonders, yes I know it can happen online also, but I feel like the instructor was very engaging. Including us in multiple ways, overall I feel I learned a tremendous amount of new knowledge."
Kristin L.
OpenClass Student
"The way you handled the virtual environment was amazing. I have been apart of training sessions, held in person even, that were not handled well. The way you handled the extra hurdle of online remote sessions and still kept the class engaging, fun, and educational was phenomenal."
Shannon G.
OpenClass Student
"I was pleasantly surprised at how engaging and collaborative this class was in the virtual world. Ali did a great job keeping us engaged in the material and class and is a gifted teacher."
Maggie S.
OpenClass Student


15 managers, located in 4 different offices (Valencia, Asturias, Barcelona, and Madrid) simultaneously participated in our PMP Certification Preparation course using the OpenClass® solution. These professionals were able to carry out their training without incurring travel expenses or having to interrupt their daily tasks, since the training sessions were held exclusively in the afternoon.


Fujitsu came to us with the challenge of training its area managers and employees in the Canary Islands to obtain the ITIL® Foundation certification without interrupting their productivity. After studying and analyzing the needs of the company, we determined that the most appropriate training modality to obtain ITIL® Foundation certification without interrupting their work activities was OpenClass©. With this type of distance training, students did not incur travel expenses and were able to adjust the training schedule to their workday. We are happy to report that 100% of the Fujitsu students achieved their ITIL© Foundation certification!

“The OpenClass format was a great substitute for an in-person class and actually had additional benefits as it allowed my whole team to take a class together, something that would not have been possible otherwise. Thank you for a great class.” – Andrew Hines, Fujitzu


  • Sensibilización en la importancia de las e-Competences
  • Capacitación Técnica y en Gestión de la Tecnología
  • Formación a medida
  • Adaptación de contenidos propios a formación presencial y online


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