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Scott Helmers

Senior Instructor, MVP for Visio, TKP


Scott Helmers
scott helmers


Cycling, theater, music, reading

First Job

Data Processing Officer (US Army)

Favorite Food

Anything Asian


For more than 20 years, Scott has helped organizations with business analysis and business process management projects. To meet a recurring client need to create effective process documentation that didn’t sit, untouched, on a shelf after it was created, Scott and his colleagues at Harvard Computing Group invented TaskMap, a Visio add-in that allows anyone to document, analyze, and improve all of the important aspects of any business process.

In the course of designing and implementing TaskMap, Scott learned a lot about Visio and began speaking, teaching, and writing about it. Microsoft has recognized his contributions to the technical and business communities by naming him a Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for Visio every year since 2008, one of only 10 people in the world to hold that distinction.

Scott is the author of four books from Microsoft Press, including Visio 2016 Step by Step and Business Intelligence in Microsoft® SharePoint® 2013(coauthor). He is also a course author for LinkedIn Learning and has taught thousands of people in corporate classrooms as well as during a decade as an adjunct professor at Northeastern and Boston Universities.

When not working or spending time with his family, Scott can usually be found on his bicycle or working with a local community theater company.

Student Comments

Scott was an awesome instructor. I met him at BBC last year and I had no idea he was teaching this class. He is very knowledgeable and I appreciate his real world experience.

Scott was an excellent instructor. He was very polished and had excellent people skills. He moved things forward and kept on track, but we never felt hurried.

Scott has a way of breaking down concepts and techniques that make them so much more understandable and consumable.

Scott effectively communicated not only how to implement this feature, but also good use cases for when to do so.

Scott was organized and used real world examples to initiate some of the exercises.

You’re an inspiration, Scott!

Thank you for the great presentation. Though I have used Visio for years, I didn’t know it was so powerful to allow us to accomplish what you presented.

I want to be just like Scott when I teach!

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