What does it mean to be sustainable?

Sustainability involves finding a balance between economic progress, respect for natural ecosystems and social inclusion to meet current needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs.

Sustainability is a fundamental transformation for many companies, starting with people.

The focus is on helping people develop sustainability competencies to drive a triple-impact business model that balances economic, social and environmental concerns.

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Business is a society’s change agent

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Mobilizing society

In the current context of crisis, the business sector is key to advancing the global agenda and roadmap to 2030. Society must be mobilized to respond to the most urgent challenges related to climate action, social inclusion and inequalities, among others.

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Rebuilding the economy

The key to making progress on the Sustainable Development Goals is engaging the private sector together with governments, the public sector and the third sector in rebuilding a more equitable and sustainable economy and business fabric.

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Generating opportunities

The scale and ambition of the 2030 agenda create an excellent opportunity for sustainable development and human prosperity to serve as a gap in the financial and technical capacity needed to meet the challenges.

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of executives consider sustainability to be necessary

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of companies have incorporated it into their strategy.

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have sustainability integrated into their business model (around 9% if we refer to SMEs).

Information based on the seventh Sustainability Report (Investing for a Sustainable Future) conducted by Boston Consultig Group in conjunction with the MIT Sloan Management Review and consisting of more than 3,000 interviews with investors and managers from a hundred countries.

How do we overcome this GAP?

To build a sustainable future, we need to leverage digital to deliver the innovative and collaborative sustainability solutions we need today while recognizing and managing the risks that digital may pose in the future.


Implement sustainability

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Sustainable Leadership Training

Design, management and execution of training programs in sustainability values, principles, practices and tools.

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Improving Sustainability Readiness Workshop

Workshops and mentoring to successfully improve readiness and start your organization on the road to sustainability.

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Sustainability University

Design and management of transformative corporate universities that develop internal sustainability talent and capabilities.

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Sustainable Transformation

Training, consulting and support programs for the adoption of new sustainable work models in an organization or department. Sustainability courses.

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