Transformation Takeout

Transformation Takeout
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Start Moving Forward

When the COVID pandemic hit, businesses were forced to change how they worked almost overnight. Even those industries that have had a surge in activity (think toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and virtual meeting platforms) have had to adjust to meet the new demand.

We aren’t sure how much longer the uncertainty we face will last, but we do know that people, teams, and organizations must find a way to move forward. To help you address and overcome a specific challenge that you are facing, we designed a workshop solution that we are calling Transformation Takeout. Just like the restaurant industry shifted from dine-in to takeout, we are providing a solution that will allow students to walk away with a custom, tangible solution that can be implemented immediately.

While we believe that workshops cannot replace training, we also understand that dollars are expected to go farther than before. This budget-conscious solution can help bridge a gap that is keeping you from fully adapting to our new business reality.

Takeout Framework

While our workshops are designed to be flexible in nature, the following framework provides a guideline for how each Transformation Takeout session will flow. Takeout sessions will take place over the course of 4 hours to 2 days, depending on the topic selected. 

Content Introduction

Learning to level-set basic knowledge needed during the session.


Current State Discussion

Identify the AS IS state and validate challenges to be addressed during the co-creation section.


Co-Creation Workshop

Work through challenges with one of our experts to co-create a custom solution for your team.


Action Plan

Determine, as a team, a plan for how the “Takeout” will be implemented.


Duration for each section of the workshop will vary depending on topic and team needs.*

Takeout Menu

Potential topics to be addressed during your Transformation Takeout.

Workflow and Process Improvement

Fix broken processes, eliminate bottle-necks + dropped hand-offs, and streamline your business

Agile Project Inception

Set first iteration duration, start date, and ensure team alignment + readiness

Create Team Kanban Board

Visual workflow, set work in progress limits, and ‘stop starting + start finishing’ to improve the flow of value

Design Agile Ceremonies / Events

Customize planning, refinement, daily, review, and retrospective meetings (consider virtual environment)

Experience Design Thinking

Create lasting value for your customers by solving big, hairy, ambiguous problems

Team Self-Organization

Define and select team roles for optimal performance

Facilitate Team Decision Making

Design a decision-making process and leverage knowledge to make better team decisions

Challenge Team for Continuous Innovation

Leverage your team to harness suggestions and improvements from people at all levels: kaizen!

Spread Agile Across the Organization

Mentor and coach to inject the agile mindset and its frameworks into your organization

Create an Improvement Board

Leverage Agile Principles to build a Board that will champion and harness change for the good

Create a Community of Practice

Understand the goals and objectives of a COP and learn techniques to implement

Refine User Stories

Identify, write, split, and communicate user stories

Prioritize Backlog

Prioritize your backlog by taking into account business value delivery, technical debt, and dependencies

Design Appropriate Metrics

Build metrics that will help you deliver value and motivate teams towards continuous improvement

Create Information Radiators

Be transparent with information and communicate using ‘pull’ instead of ‘push’

Define the Definition of Ready and Definition of Done

Build definitions of ‘ready’ and ‘done’ so that the team knows what is expected of them and how to better deliver value

Design a Reward System

Motivate your teams by celebrating success and learning

Agile Team Building and Communication

Activities, games, and techniques to improve your agile teams’ communication and rapport

Build-Out Complex Business Rules

Use decision tables and other techniques to tackle big, complex business rules, regulations, and compliance activities

Construct a Solution Data Model

Elicit and visualize your business data so that your solutions better support the data and decisions that drive success

Customer / Employee Empathy Generation

Rethink the way you approach people, situations, and users

Scope Your Project

Build a shared vision of the project value and an effective starting point for developing excellent solutions

Root Cause Analysis

Dig into problems to discover the root cause and brainstorm possible solutions quickly

Write Better User Stories

Experience and learn to run a successful story-writing workshop

Get Started with Scrum

Learn Scrum basics and experience a quick scrum simulation

Transition to Servant Leadership

Lead by valuing diversity, cultivating trust, and developing others into great leaders

Utilize Gamification

Gamification for better performance, better learning, and more engagement


We can build a custom workshop to help work through any challenge​ you are facing

Delivery Method

Our workshops are designed for interaction. If face-to-face is not an option, we utilize a suite of virtual tools to create an unmatched experience.