BBVA committed to drive toward the new paradigm to meet customer expectations. This required a massive shift, and traditional structures had to be replaced with a modern, agile approach.

Boot camp for Tech Managers

For more than 100 employees


BBVA’s traditional operating ways prevented it from adapting to change and keeping ahead of technological advances. The objectives for the boot camp were for BBVA to: 

Develop the necessary skills in Engineering Managers to successfully lead technical teams.

Promote new work models like Agile and DevOps to achieve a more efficient, productive, and flexible way of working.

Promote a culture of continuous, active, and collaborative learning in the management community of BBVA Engineering.

The solution

Design a Training boot camp for Managers

Real experience experimentig

Measuring and scaling

Step by step

As a learning and development company, we knew that training was the first step to resolving this challenge.

We created a custom Boot Camp designed around our NextB® Learning Framework to be hands-on, collaborative, and engaging to accomplish these goals. We utilized our Course Design Canvas to ensure the training addressed the organization’s specific needs and followed with periodic mentoring sessions.

Students experienced storytelling, the ART model of content delivery, games and exercises, visual elements, and progress tracking using gamification throughout the Boot Camp.

The knowledge and skills were applied and refined using a Lean Change Management model.

custom boot camp solution

This cyclical implementation approach allowed students to implement what they learned through experience, allowing them to find what works best.

Business Impact

We are in the process of determining the impact of the boot camp using the Kirkpatrick Pyramid. Our goal is to reach Level 3 and ultimately Level 4 to foster a lasting, positive change in the organization.

  • Level 1: Engage students in an exciting training that they are satisfied with.
  • Level 2: Enable students to acquire new knowledge and skills.
  • Level 3: Generate changes in students’ behavior and attitudes.
  • Level 4: Have a positive impact on organizational results.

Specifically, we are using the following metrics to measure the results achieved:

of the program. 1 for Spain, 3 for Colombia and 3 for Holdings
0 Editions
were completed
+ 0 Experiments
of the bootcamps (Net Promoter Score)

What Tech Managers say about the Custom Learning Program

The refreshment sessions to present the actions carried out are helpful.
I recommend the course because it provides valuable tools and tips for our daily tasks as team leaders.
In general, I liked the course methodology, eminently practical and very based on experimentation and learning, both individually and together.
It is a space for growth and learning, enhancing the leaders’ strengths and allowing sharing experiences and knowledge; I highly recommend it. Thank you.
The course is very formative; it gives tools to lead workgroups.

Next Steps

About half of the BBVA Tech Managers have completed the Boot Camp.

Over the next year, we will train and mentor the remaining 250 students.

Also, we will continue working to obtain relevant data (in experiments, penetration, and success rate) to measure the program’s impact on the managers‘ actual cultural change. Once available, we will interpret the information to continuously refine and evolve the program beyond Tech Managers and other business areas, including 12,000 more students


  • Sensibilización en la importancia de las e-Competences
  • Capacitación Técnica y en Gestión de la Tecnología
  • Formación a medida
  • Adaptación de contenidos propios a formación presencial y online


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