Customer-Centricity for Value-Driven Product Delivery Webinar

While customer-centricity isn’t new, it’s increasingly used in the context of customer experience, corporate customer culture, digital marketing transformation, a customer-oriented business approach, and the customer life cycle. However, often we talk about customer-centricity without really knowing what we mean.

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Learn 10 techniques to drive up customer satisfaction and increase business value at the same time!

September 3, 2020
1:00 - 2:00 EST

What is Customer Centricity?

Who IS your customer?
The Customer Can Fire You
Keeping the Customer in Mind
What motivates us if we are customer-centric?

Techniques to Build Customer Centricity

Research the Market and Users
The Kano Model
Net Promoter Score (NPS)
Market Rhythms and Events
Data Mining
Design Thinking
Empathy – Personas and Customer Journeys
Customer Journeys Using LEGOs
Gemba Walks (Go and See)

Identify Customer

Build the Right Product
Drive Long-Term Relationships

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