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Mentoring +Coaching

Mentoring + Coaching

Never Walk Alone

Effective mentoring and coaching significantly impacts that rate of application and change among a team, helping them become autonomous as soon as possibleDuring training, we transfer knowledge. We reinforcement and implement that knowledge through post-class coaching and mentoring. 


Our experts use their experience to:

Discuss Similar Situations
Share Experiences
Demonstrate How To Do Something


Our experts use their skills to help teams maximize:

Personal + Professional Potential
Acceptance of Change

Expert Mentoring and Coaching Activities

These are a few examples of activities done in team or individual support sessions. Sessions are not limited to these activities and can be done on any topic the team or individual needs assistance.


Facilitate First Daily Meeting

Facilitate First Planning Meeting

Team Organization Q+A

Work Methodology Q+A

Team Coaching

Review Specific Training Topics

Review & Refine Action Plan


Individual/Team Coaching

Foster Self-Organization

Help Teams Make Decisions

Encourage Agile Practices

Create Improvement Board

Facilitate Meetings for the Team

Give Feedback

Spread Agile Across the Organization

Coordinate with other Agile Teams

Help Create a Community of Practice


Conduct an Improvement Review

Conduct a Retrospective Meeting

Review & Refine Action Plan

Celebrate Success & Learnings

Collaboration Closure

Mentoring and Coaching Roadmap

Our coaching and mentoring is completely customizable by time period, subject, participants, or any other customer need. The sample roadmap below provides a visual of how we utilize mentoring and coaching to reinforce the skills and techniques taught and address any roadblocks that the team is encountering as they go through the transformation process. 
agile mentoring

More Transformation Tools

Training activities and programs that go beyond responding to short-term needs and help realize transformation initiatives.

Identify, define, create, and plan solutions and improvement actions by driving creativity, participation, commitment, and consensus.

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