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We live in constant change, people, society as a whole and organizations need to accelerate our pace of adaptation and learning. It is time for companies to rethink their organizational change models.

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People Based Transformations

Companies do not change. People in the company do.

The success of change depends on people adopting new behaviors and habits. Therefore, the focus of change must be generating continuous learning in people. We understand learning as a strategic tool to transform organizations.

The way to promote effective and sustainable transformations is to create and encourage a culture of collaborative, continuous, active and peer-to-peer learning shared by the entire team. For this purpose, at Netmind, we have created our own frameworks to drive learning and the necessary transformations in organizations: NextB Change and NextB Learning.

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NextB® Change Fundamentals

NextB® Change is our framework to help organizations create a customized solution to adopt change.

By harnessing the power of the internal team to lead the transformation program, NextB® Change will accelerate results, reduce resistance to change and create a culture of continuous change. It is based on the Agile culture mindset and is structured around a collaborative work process that ensures the solution is tailored to the specific reality of the organization.

In addition, our framework allows teams to iteratively and incrementally develop solutions for sustainable and scalable change adaptation.

Benefits of NextB® Change

Absolute adaptation
to the reality of the orgnization

Linking teams
to identified improvement objectives

Speed of adoption
of changes

Quick wins, change increments implemented in three months 

Sustainability and scalability of change initiatives

Decreased internal
to change

Fundamentals of NextB® Change

NextB® Change is applicable and adaptable to any change context.

Because it is based on simple principles and practices, it can structure a specific change initiative or execute a complete transformation.


Ensuring leadership

The responsibility for change lies with the people going through it. Therefore, ownership of the change by the organization is essential. We will base all initiatives on creating an internal culture of improvement.

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Learning from experience

We are in a VUCA environment, and we need to adapt during a change to what we are discovering. We will apply a Lean Start-up mentality. We will start with an MVP and learn along the way.

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Transferring knowledge

Changes must be sustainable over time for actual adoption. For this, our external support must be oriented so that the internal teams acquire the necessary knowledge and become autonomous as soon as possible.

Approach to change

NextB® Change promotes an iterative, incremental and organized approach to change based on three Workstreams: Framework, Adoption and Culture.

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Oriented to produce results (outcome) early, we divide the change into increments (partitions of the overall change).

We organize the change work in three-month increments. In each of them the work is done in 2-week iterations.

In the first increment (Embrace change), we co-create the vision and strategy of the change and develop and implement the first MVP of the change.

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Under the model, we iteratively approach the build: Build – Measure – Learn.

Throughout the construction, we monitor the indicators of change. We adjust the actions in each of the workstreams to the results of the measurements, ensuring the governance of the change process through data.

From the data analysis, we will learn and make decisions.

In the first increment (Embrace change), we co-create the vision and strategy of the change and develop and implement the first MVP of the change.

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3 Workstreams

In each increment, we work on three workstreams or Change Workstreams.

  • Framework: Where we build the tangible change, what is different from the current situation.
  • Adoption: Where we make the change available to people and help its adoption to enable the achievement of organizational objectives.
  • Culture: We anchor the change to the culture, ensuring organizational learning and growth and the sustainability of the change.

NextB® Change Infographic

Download our infographic to learn more about each of the elements as well as the full illustration of our framework.

NextB® Learning is our brand of work to help develop the capabilities needed to adopt change and the capabilities required to embrace change and create a culture of learning based on empowering learning culture based on empowering people.


  • Sensibilización en la importancia de las e-Competences
  • Capacitación Técnica y en Gestión de la Tecnología
  • Formación a medida
  • Adaptación de contenidos propios a formación presencial y online


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