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NextB® Change Framework

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NextB® Change Framework
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A Change Framework for #AlwaysLearning Organizations

It’s impossible to adapt to change if you don’t have prepared people. To manage and adapt to continuous change, your approach must be based on more than process; it must accompanied by a change in culture – a culture that accepts continuous change and continuous learning.

NextB® Change is our framework to help organizations create a custom solution for change adoption. By harnessing the power of internal people to lead the transformation program, NextB® Change will accelerate results, reduce resistance to change, and create a continuous change culture. It is based on the mindset of agile culture and is structured around a collaborative work process that ensures the solution is adapted to the specific reality of the organization. Our framework allows teams to iteratively and incrementally develop solutions for sustainable and scalable adaptation to change.

change framework

The benefits of our NextB® Change framework:

  • Internal leadership is at the center of and is driving the change initiative.
  • Team engagement and connection to the initiative is immediate, as they are included in the collaborative definition of the change plan and its improvement objectives.
  • Solutions are adapted completely to the reality of the organization.
  • Knowledge is rapidly transferred to the internal team, expediting their adoption of the change.
  • Sustainability and scalability of the change initiative are built into the framework.
  • Internal resistance to change is decreased.

NextB® Change Basics

NextB® Change is applicable and adaptable to any context of change. Because it is based on simple principles and practices, it can be used to structure a specific change initiative or in the execution of a full-blown transformation.



change framework_leadership

Internal Leadership

Initiatives are led by the people in the organization who are impacted by the change.

change framework_experience

Learn From Experience

Learning from our own discoveries is critical in the constantly changing VUCA environment we live in today.

change framework_transfer

Knowledge Transfer

Learning is most powerful when combined with an open attitude of sharing knowledge.


change framework_overplan


Maintain the momentum of a change by delivering results as soon as possible.

change framework_experiment

Experiment + Collaborate

Promote experimentation and tolerate error to quickly validate hypotheses without business impact.

change framework_feedback


Generate conversation and feedback on a regular basis to propel a continuous improvement cycle.

Create and Communicate the Change Narrative

NextB® Change prepares and lays the foundation for change to take shape and be accepted. As part of this process, we identify implementation actions that revolve around the Change Narrative. This narrative supports the change initiative by providing a clear and concrete message to help everyone going through the change to understand its purpose and view it as something real, desirable, and achievable. 

change framework

Define Vision and Scope

Collaborative work to define vision, scope, and exclusions. Agree on what is motivating the change initiative and use it to help make decisions throughout the change process.

Describe "Success"

Define goals and benefits, expected behaviors, and indicators, metrics and/or OKRs.

Impact Analysis

Determine how prepared your organization is for change by defining the current situation, performing force field analysis, and analyzing stakeholder readiness.

Roadmap and Backlog

Propose a preliminary roadmap that includes the MVP and start detailing the Backlog by identifying key milestones, deliverables, and requirements.

NextB® Change Infographic

Download our infographic for more on each element and the full illustration of our comprehensive framework.
change framework

NextB® Learning is our framework to help develop the capabilities needed to adopt change and create a learning culture built on empowered people.

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