What is Management 3.0?

Management 3.0 is an innovative solution for leaders who are managing talent in agile environments. It is not a framework, but a mindset: a combination of tools, games, and practices that help manage people and the teams that form an organization.

Manage the system , not the people

Management 1.0

Leaders assume that improving something is based on monitoring, repairing, and replacing its parts.

Management 2.0

Everyone recognizes that “people are the most valuable assets” and that good managers are “servant leaders”. However, management still maintains a hierarchical structure.

Management 3.0

Organizations are seen as a community where everyone is (partially) responsible for contributing to its success and only a few are responsible for the whole.

Is Management 3.0 just another management model?

In a market with an over-abundance of leadership and management models, its hard to know where to start and how to implement a new model. It’s also difficult to find a model that is compatible with any leadership model that has already been defined in an organization.

Some of the questions that we encounter when we want to transition our organization to a new management model or theory are: Where do we start? How can we implement these models practically? Will this management model be compatible with the leadership model that our organization has already defined?

Management 3.0 is designed using an action-based approach so that you can start implementing it in your organization immediately.

Management 3.0 is not a framework or a methodology. It is a set of principles, values, practices, and tools to help you analyze management from a systemic perspective. In addition to its basic foundations of Management and Leadership and Complexity Thinking, it is based on a set of six organizational views: Energize People, Empower Teams, Align Constraints, Develop Competence, Grow Structure, and Improve Everything.

An Introduction to Management 3.0 Games and Practices

what is management 3.0_kudo cards

Kudo Cards

Kudo cards are a vehicle to publicly acknowledge someone for their contribution to the team.

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Feedback Wraps

Give feedback in the best possible way. Encourage positive and self-motivated action, without creating disgruntled teams.

what is management 3.0_delegation poker

Delegation Poker

Delegation Poker is a gamification technique to clarify who is responsible for what and to what level.

Something as simple as saying Thank you!

What does Management 3.0 promote?

Happiness. Not only can the old ways of management create an individualized, toxic work environment, but they can also hinder progress toward a team-based agility mindset. Management 3.0 prioritizes maintaining workers’ happiness and working as a team to achieve an organization’s goals. After all, happy workers create better products and services, and better products and services make happier customers.

Management 3.0 can help you promote agility, increase employee retention, and develop a community that people are excited to work for. Its leadership model is based on motivation, empowerment, and above all, defining management as a shared responsibility of the team, and not something associated with a group of specific people in the organization.

However, this doesn’t mean Managers disappear. Rather, it highlights the importance of knowing how to convey a message that management is everyone’s job, where happiness and shared vision are the basis for everything. This is essential for agile teams seeking a cohesive management model built on purpose, shared goals, and self-organization.

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Management 3.0 Courses

If you’re tired of theoretical models and are looking for is a set of techniques and principles that will help you implement a new management model that is co-created by and for the people in your organization, welcome to Management 3.0.

Get Management 3.0 Certified

While we teach Management 3.0 to leaders and managers to apply to their work models, students have the option of becoming a Management 3.0 Facilitator by attending our classes and completing additional requirements.

Official Facilitators have demonstrated their ability to share with others how to manage the complexity of organizations, create and manage self-organized teams, motivate and develop people, and define organizational structures capable of adapting to changes. More details are available on the Management 3.0 website.



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