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Kudo Cards: A Simple Thank You Goes a Long Way! + Template

Kudo Cards: A Simple Thank You Goes a Long Way! + Template
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Since becoming an official facilitator of Management 3.0, we have been incorporating some of the best practices both internally and externally, with our clients.

One of the things I like most about some Management 3.0 practices is their simplicity, and the power of that simplicity. For example, to thank… or in Management 3.0 speak, give Kudos. Something which we are not always accustomed to do in the workplace, but something that offers spectacular results.

My Motivation Wall

On one of the walls of my office I have a blackboard with notes, my calendar, some documents… and thank you emails. Some students have proactively sent an email to thank me for what they learned in class, or for what the training has meant to them. This little “shot” of energy is super motivating! Beside that, I have other feedback in post-it format. It is a pleasure to see them there, reminding me that I have helped someone, and that they thanked me without expecting anything in return.

A couple of weeks ago, I taught a Management 3.0 course in Madrid and my super cool co-worker, Ana Aranda, left me some candies on the table, along with a note. Is there a better way to start the day? [English translation: “Hi Miquel, My student has come down with a cough, and I brought him these caramels. I leave them with you to sweeten the beginning of class.”]

What are Kudo Cards?

One of the Management 3.0 techniques that I recommend all my students to take advantage of is the motivation of simply thanking by utilizing Kudo Cards (and Kudo Box, depending on how you want to use the cards).

Kudo Cards consist of cards designed to write a note of gratitude or public recognition for someone. They can be delivered individually, pasted on a board, or deposited in a box (a Kudo Box) – which is opened from time to time and the cards are distributed among its recipients.

We have utilized the cards and box at several internal Netmind events, and, to my delight, they were well received by everyone. Following these events, people had the thank you cards on their desk or taped to their monitor.

Recently we even designed our own Kudo Cards to use not only internally, but also in our courses as part of our NextB Methodology.

If you have never done so, I encourage you to start making Thank You a part of your daily routine! It can be a simple “thank you” to a colleague, an acknowledgment email, a post-it, a virtual Kudo Card using the Kudo Box website, a Kudo Card with the downloadable Management 3.0 format, or, why not, creating your own cards!

Use our Kudos Cards template for quick design or easily modify the PowerPoint template to create a custom look for your organization.

kudo cards

I also invite you to take a look at our Management 3.0 course for more practices on agile leadership and motivation. Don’t miss the hype!


– Miquel

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About the Author

Miquel Rodríguez

Miquel Rodríguez

Miquel Rodríguez is an experienced trainer and consultant who has dedicated his career helping organizations get the most out of their IT projects and teams. As Consulting Director at Netmind, he works with large enterprises to lead organizational improvements and agile transformations. Miquel holds a degree in Computer Science from Universitat Autònoma de Catalunya, a Masters in IT Management, an Executive MBA from La Salle University, and a Design Thinking for Business Innovation program from Aalto University of Helsinky and ESADE Business School. He has trained thousands of Project Managers and Agile Practitioners for companies such as Telefonica, BBVA, ABERTIS, AIRBUS, Orange, Zurich, Nissan, Bacardi, T‐Systems and CaixaBank. Miquel has also taught at several Universities. Connect with Miquel on LinkedIn.

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