Transformation Solutions

We are passionate about training, active listening, and talent development.

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How We Do It

We work by focusing our efforts on learning actions that empower your people to apply new methodologies that are aligned with the organizational strategy and business objectives. 

In order to create training courses and programs that generate a real impact and meet your learning needs, we approach our own development efforts with an agile mindset by continuously improving our processes and materials. This method of reflection and improvement allows us to incorporate new services, techniques, and resources that directly optimize your learning experience.

We believe that all training initiatives should be a strategic response to the challenges you are facing. We evaluate, analyze, and get involved in order to make the best recommendation of our business agility services to satisfy your needs.

Transformation Tools

We utilize these basic building blocks to effectively transfer knowledge, enhance your learning experience, and prepare your people to excel. 

Immersive Trainings

We design training activities and programs that go beyond responding to short-term needs and help organizations realize their improvement and transformation initiatives. To achieve this, we use our NextB Learning framework.

Co-Creation Workshops

We facilitate workshops to identify, define, create, and/or plan solutions and improvement actions. We utilize design thinking, graphic facilitation, and gamification techniques to drive participant creativity, participation, commitment, and consensus.

Mentoring + Coaching

We help teams apply new knowledge and guide them in the process of improvement and transformation. Our services always aim to promote teams’ autonomy and expedite the achievement of expected results in training and workshops.

Transformation Takeout

We aren't sure how much longer the uncertainty we face will last, but we do know that people, teams, and organizations must find a way to move forward. To help you address and overcome a specific challenge that you are facing, we designed a workshop solution that we are calling Transformation Takeout. Just like the restaurant industry shifted from dine-in to takeout, these workshops allow students to walk away with a custom, tangible outcome that can be implemented immediately.

Transformation Solutions

We utilize these blended solutions as baselines that can be adapted to the reality and needs of your specific initiative.

Course Based Improvement

Our innovative team solution combines co-creation workshops with immersive training and mentoring. This combination maximizes learning impact by streamlining application of the new knowledge directly to a specific project. Course Based Improvement is a complete solution that will improve and transform teams and their work models.

Enterprise Transformation

Train to transform. We partner with large organizations in their transformation by establishing and promoting a global change program that is lead by their own teams. This change program utilizes training as a strategic tool to transform work models and management methodologies resulting in a new organizational culture.

Transformation University

Implement a new corporate learning model needed to sustain agility. Our University model combines profile development, program design, and learning material creation to establish learning paths and provide professionals with the resources needed to gain the competence and skills to work efficiently and accomplish their goals.

Participatory, visual, recreational, and collaborative training.