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Visual Thinking Methodology

Visual Thinking


What is Visual Thinking?

Visual Thinking is a methodology that consists of expressing ideas in a visual way through the use of drawing and images. It takes advantage of all the cognitive potential that visualization provides. The contents used combine non-verbal language (images, visual patterns, colors, …) with verbal language (words and text) to allow greater learning and retention of information than with traditional techniques. 

In internal and decision-making meetings, Visual Thinking is a practical way to focus both on problems and find solutions. Furthermore, images allow the audience to more easily achieve a common understanding of complex content.

Why is it important?

  • Drawing is a universal resource that can overcome language barriers and communicate to anyone, anywhere in the world.  
  • 75% of the information we retain is associated with the sense of sight. Human beings are visual creatures; our brain is automated to recognize patterns and establish relationships between the mental models created. 
  • Images allow a global view of a situation. Access content faster than through text alone in a more pleasant manner that better facilitates understanding of the whole. 
  • Visual Thinking methodology does not follow a linear structure. This leads to the exploitation of creativity and frees the mind from barriers when facing complex processes. 
  • It develops the use of lateral thinking, allowing thinking towards more creative and innovative solutions. 

Visual Thinking Courses


Andy Baraja

Andy Baraja

Visual Thinker and Graphic Facilitator

Iratxe Kaltzakorta

Iratxe Kaltzakorta

Agile Expert

Iván Martín

Iván Martín

Business Development Manager

Patricia Parreira

Patricia Parreira

Trainer, Facilitator, and Agile Specialist

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