Visual Thinking Methodology

Visual Thinking


What is Visual Thinking?

Visual Thinking is a methodology that consists of expressing ideas in a visual way through the use of drawing and images. It takes advantage of all the cognitive potential that visualization provides. The contents used combine non-verbal language (images, visual patterns, colors, …) with verbal language (words and text) to allow greater learning and retention of information than with traditional techniques. 

In internal and decision-making meetings, Visual Thinking is a practical way to focus both on problems and find solutions. Furthermore, images allow the audience to more easily achieve a common understanding of complex content.

Why is it important?

  • Drawing is a universal resource that can overcome language barriers and communicate to anyone, anywhere in the world.  
  • 75% of the information we retain is associated with the sense of sight. Human beings are visual creatures; our brain is automated to recognize patterns and establish relationships between the mental models created. 
  • Images allow a global view of a situation. Access content faster than through text alone in a more pleasant manner that better facilitates understanding of the whole. 
  • Visual Thinking methodology does not follow a linear structure. This leads to the exploitation of creativity and frees the mind from barriers when facing complex processes. 
  • It develops the use of lateral thinking, allowing thinking towards more creative and innovative solutions. 

Visual Thinking Courses



  • Sensibilización en la importancia de las e-Competences
  • Capacitación Técnica y en Gestión de la Tecnología
  • Formación a medida
  • Adaptación de contenidos propios a formación presencial y online


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