Kanban University Certifications

Introduction to Kanban University Certifications

The Kanban Method, created by Kanban University CEO David J. Anderson, is a set of visual-forward principles and practices that have been successfully implemented and applied to a wide range of initiatives around the world.

Kanban University (KU) was developed “to build awareness and assure quality in Kanban implementations for professional services work.” The foundation of their certification program is based on 5 basic ideas:

  1. Power in Simplicity. Kanban offers a low risk, low cost, and evolutionary way to drive change.
  2. Pragmatic. Kanban can be applied and deliver results immediately.
  3. Evolutionary, Not Revolutionary. Kanban respects the existing business and seeks to improve upon it, not reorganize it.
  4. Continually Fit for Purpose. Kanban recognizes that fitness for purpose is always in the eyes of the consumer.
  5. Understanding. Kanban understands that problems can be managed using quantitative and qualitative techniques.

Netmind is the first Kanban University partner with a presence in Spain and the United States. We are accredited to deliver the following certification trainings.

kanban university certifications

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Kanban University Instructors

Kanban University Certifications

kanban university tkp Netmind

Team Kanban Practitioner (TKP)

Team Kanban Practitioners understand how to apply the Kanban Method framework and techniques to help teams analyze business situations and determine the optimal use of visual management and Lean Kanban to manage flow. 

Team members and managers who want to understand key concepts in Kanban and get started.

There is no prerequisite to attend the course.

There is no exam. By attending the course, students will receive the Team Kanban Practitioner (TKP) professional credential.

kanban university kmp Netmind

Kanban Management Professional (KMP)

Launch and manage Kanban initiatives! The Kanban Management Professional (KMP) certification accredits the ability to utilize the Kanban Method for efficient flow and optimization, better decision making, risk management, and organizational agility to improve service delivery and create greater customer satisfaction. A KMP “has been trained to think differently and use Kanban to improve management results enterprise-wide.” 

Professionals who who want to start a Kanban initiative or get more out of their current Kanban system.

Students who wish to start this training series are expect to have read “Kanban” by David J Anderson or “Kanban from the Inside” by Mike Burrows. Prior attendance in the Team Kanban Practitioner class is also preferred.

There is no exam. By attending both of these courses, students will receive the Kanban Management Professional (KMP) professional credential.


  • Sensibilización en la importancia de las e-Competences
  • Capacitación Técnica y en Gestión de la Tecnología
  • Formación a medida
  • Adaptación de contenidos propios a formación presencial y online


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