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Meet the ICF Accreditation Program Director at Netmind-EN

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Alejandra Rodríguez

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From Netmind, we are committed to the development of the competencies of a Professional Agile Coach to accompany organizations in the challenge of their agile transformation. With the ICF Accreditation Program taught by the director Cristina Miaja, MCC (Master Certified Coach) of ICF, Agile Coaches will be able to make a difference in the results they achieve and boost high performance teams, as they will have the knowledge to know how to accompany people to deploy their full potential.

Cristina Miaja, ICF Accreditation Program Director

Cristina Miaja, considers coaching as the most powerful practice to establish a collaborative communication, she proposes a methodology where she fuses theory with tangible action, with the objective of sharing knowledge and experiences that generate transformation through exploration, reflection and challenge.

Since the beginning of her professional career, Cristina has linked her passion and curiosity for developing the talent of people and teams, leadership programs, coaching and mentoring plans. Motivated by sharing knowledge and creating learning communities, she decided to dedicate herself exclusively to development through consulting, working as a mentor, individual and systemic coach, trainer and agile coach.

"I believe in the keys to a smart organization as defined by Peter Senge: Aspiration, reflection, dialogue and conceptualization."

Professional experience and credentials

Currently, Miaja has the highest level of professional credential in coaching achievement, the MCC (Master Certified Coach) certification awarded by the ICF, which distinguishes Cristina as an expert coach, for her advanced coaching skills, knowledge and competencies, in addition to following the ICF code of ethics.

With over 25 years of experience, Cristina is specialized in executive and team coaching with more than 3000 hours of experience in sessions. She has also led cultural change and carried out alignment projects in several multinational service companies (Videndi, FCC) in Europe, America and Africa. In addition, Miaja has worked as a postgraduate professor of Strategic Marketing at INEF and Director of University Degree Programs Coaching and Mentoring at the Chair of Coaching and Management at the Complutense University.

Is graduated in Philosophy and Business Administration, Master IE in Marketing, Master in Theoretical and Practical Philosophy, Master in Executive and Business Coaching, is an Expert in Systemic Team Coaching, Emotional Intelligence, NLP, Psychodrama, Nonviolent Communication and Agile Methodologies (ICP-ACC & ICP-ATF).

ICF Accreditation Program

Netmind has become part of the ICF Coaching Foundation accredited provider network, which allows us to offer our services to a wide network of coaches with the Netmind ICF Professional Coach training program with Cristina Miaja as director.

Professional Agile Coach - ICF Accredited Level 1

Aimed at Change Agents who want to professionalize as Agile Coach by developing the competencies of Professional Coaching and also want to take the first step to be certified as Associate Certified Coach (ACC) by ICF.

Professional Executive Coach - ICF Accredited Level 2

Aimed at Agile Coaches and agile change agents who want to develop the competencies of a Professional Coach and also take the first step towards becoming an ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC).

Desarrolla tus competencias como Agile Coach

Para más información respecto a agile coaching, no dudes consultar nuestra Landing de Agile Coaching.

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Picture of Alejandra Rodríguez

Alejandra Rodríguez

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