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Netmind at CAS23

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Alejandra Rodríguez

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Once again, we have attended CAS23, the most important agile event in Europe as Gold Sponsors and with three Netminders speakers, who participated in the Track Business Agility and Lightning Talks.

This year, the Agile Spain Conference took place at the Portaventura Convention Center on November 30th and December 1st and gathered +800 professionals, who attended conferences and workshops of national and international speakers in order to share knowledge and experiences around agile frameworks.

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CAS23 Netminders conferences

Business Agility with Flight Levels

Miquel Rodríguez | Consulting Director

Have you ever wondered where the real improvement potential lies in your organization without the need for significant structural changes?

In his talk, Miquel reflects on how to achieve real improvement potential in our organizations and how to achieve it without significant structural changes, explaining the metaphor of the Flight Levels model to address agility at the enterprise level by applying very concrete and easy to understand activities that can be applied to improve the functioning of the entire value delivery chain.

Graphic overview “Business Agility with Flight Levels” | Illustrated by Andy Baraja

The agile path to sustainability

Alfred Maeso | Change Management & Sustainability Lead Expert

Despite the recognized importance of sustainability, only 25% of companies have incorporated it into their business models. There are good intentions, but little commitment and very few concrete actions.

In his presentation, Alfred highlights the urgency for companies to radically transform towards sustainable models in the environmental, social and economic axes, exploring how agility can be a lever for change, focusing on alignment, competencies, focus and collaboration to accelerate the transformation towards sustainability.

Graphic overview “The agile path to sustainability” | Illustrated by Andy Baraja

"Agility in an Unpredictable World: Navigation Strategies for Visionary Teams"

Ana Aranda | Lead Expert Project Management

In an increasingly unpredictable and complex world, agile teams face unique challenges that go beyond efficient product delivery.

In the talk, Ana explained her recipe for promoting innovation and breaking with traditional methodologies to challenge conventional perceptions of agility and provide tools and insights focused on creating visionary teams, from her experiences working at DAS and Campofrío.

Graphic overview “Agility in an Unpredictable World: Navigation Strategies for Visionary Teams” | Illustrated by Andy Baraja

CAS23 Presentations

Learn more about other CAS23 speakers and their main messages.

Keynote: Glenda Eoyang - “Creative Collaboration: The future of Agile”

He reminded us how the essence of Agile can be used beyond frameworks and methods and focused on how we can foster creative collaboration to face this moment of chaos and complexity in the world, learning collaboratively, crossing boundaries and betting on curiosity.

He also shared some tips on how we can do it: adaptive action, inquiry, contemplating the four truths (subjective, normative, objective and complex), energizing ourselves through difference and designing interactions.

Keynote: David Anderson - “20 years of Flow”

David reviewed the learnings he has been collecting in recent years in his book Kanban Method and focuses on the importance of both managers and executives to create an ecosystem where agility flourishes in order to lead companies successfully. Agility is achieved through better decision making to promote greater agility. Focus on Flow!

Rubén Vega and Sergio González: Obeya Room – Collaboration for major company objectives:

Ruben and Sergio shared the power of the Obeya Room as an essential and collaborative decision-making tool and as a key strategy for long-term business success. Offering a new perspective on how to achieve great organizational goals through effective team integration and alignment.

Álvaro José Lorente - "Streaming Success: Optimizing DORA Metrics through Comprehensive Software Development Practices"

Alvaro Lorente (Head of Software at HolaLuz) presented the optimization of DORA metrics through integrated development practices, where he explained concrete strategies to improve key performance indicators in teams developing digital products, accompanied by examples that illustrated the positive transformation that these practices can have on the software lifecycle.

Pilar Arias – “The multiplier effect of leaders”.

Pilar (Agile Coach at Telefónica) gave in her 20-minute Lightning Talk, the keys to move from traditional leadership to agile, overcoming barriers and focusing on profiles inclined to evolution, explaining the experience of a team of 20 people who set out to bring agility to a massive team of 15,000, where they explored various strategies and discovered that the real value multiplier effect resided in the leadership team.

Caixa Bank Agile Transformation Office Team – “Round Table: Levers and Challenges in the Caixa Bank Group”

The team illustrated the main levers they are using to carry out the digital transformation in the following 8 points:

1. Flatter structure

2. Elimination of silos

3. Transversal leadership

4. Empowerment

5. Alignment and focus

6. Collaboration and transparency,

7. New work models

8. Culture of experimentation

In addition, they shared with us the Change Makers volunteer program, to be part of a network of change agents that learns collaboratively about new ways of working and expands and spreads that knowledge to all areas of the organization.

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Picture of Alejandra Rodríguez

Alejandra Rodríguez

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