Agile Transformation


Agile Transformation
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Do Agile. Be Agile.

Adopting new Lean-Agile management methodologies is not easy. The process not only involves adopting new ways of working, but also new ways of thinking and acting. The real transformation happens when people start focusing on delivering value to customers. This can only happen if people go beyond just Doing Agile and also start Being Agile.

agile transformation

Deliver Value

Understand customer challenges and needs to create solutions that bring them true value.


Have teams targeted to meet customer needs in an agile and effective way.


Decrease project execution times, increasing adaptability and predictability.


Have a transparent work and collaboration model based on shared values.

Continuous Improvement

Drive a culture of continuous improvement and learning across the organization.

Agile is how, not why. Maximizing value delivery is always why.

Agile Transformation Offerings

From stand-alone teams to global organizations, our range of offerings help define and implement a strategy for adopting Lean-Agile methodologies and promoting powerful cultural changes.

Agile Training

Our extensive course catalog provides you the ability to design, manage, and deliver training programs in Lean-Agile values, principles, practices, and tools.

Agile Teams

Training and support programs for team adoption of Agile values, principles, practices, and tools using our Course Based Improvement framework.

Agile Enterprises

Our unique STack methodology uses training, consulting, and support programs to adopt new Lean-Agile work models in an organization or department.

Scaling Agile

Training and support programs to scale agility across an organization using SAFe® as a reference and our STack methodology as the framework.

Agile Coaching Boot Camp

Identify and train internal change agents to drive the agile transformation in a natural and sustainable way.

Agile Universities

Design and management of transformative corporate universities that develop internal Lean-Agile talent and capabilities.

Agile Transformation Services Map

Discover which of our offerings are the best fit depending on your scaling needs and progress in your agile transformation journey.

agile transformation services


More Services

Digital Talent

Developing Digital Skills

Identify the necessary profiles to carry out your digital strategy and develop the skills necessary for teams to implement it successfully.

Always Learning

Promote Continuous Learning

Develop and foster a new culture of continuous, active, collaborative, and peer-to-peer learning that inspires a culture adaptive to change.