NextB® Learning Framework

NextB® Learning Methodology
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Our Learning Framework

NextB® is our innovative teaching methodology that was developed by our training team based on the principles, techniques, and practices of Training from the Back of the Room. The objectives that drove us to create this new methodology were to:

  • make the training more collaborative
  • increase gamification in the classroom
  • encourage visual learning
  • spark student participation
  • help extend training outside of the classroom and take advantage of available online resources

This innovative methodology allows us to accomplish all of this while also achieving our baseline goals of facilitating effective learning, improving the student experience, optimizing knowledge retention, and amplifying its impact.




NextB® structures all the training activities in 3 learning phases:

1. Prepare to Learn

Manage student expectations

Explain the course purpose

Evaluate previous knowledge

Match students’ knowledge

2. Learning Action

Motivate students to learn

Get formal knowledge

Practice subjects worked

Share knowledge and experiences

Plan the in-work transfer

Learn actively

3. Learning Impact

Apply knowledge on the job

Consolidate knowledge

Share successes and failures

Evaluate learning impact

Promote a continual learning culture

nextb training methodology infographic