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Netmind, an official partner of Flight Levels Academy

Netmind, an official partner of Flight Levels Academy

At Netmind, we are committed to continuous learning to improve professionally and personally. To help teams in their projection, Netmind is now an official partner of Flight Levels Academy.

What is Flight Levels Academy?

Flight Levels Academy enables organizations to build the missing links between strategy, and operational agility, always focusing on the initial vision and mission.

Why Flight Levels Academy?

Flight Levels helps companies solve 4 very common problems:

  • Problems of dependency on other teams. They often create bottlenecks and slow down tasks managed by different teams or departments.
  • Cooperation between agile teams that work optimally but, even so, the final delivery is delayed by the final process or other reasons.
  • Constantly changing priorities. Organizations have more work than capacity. It is difficult to know and differentiate what is important.
  • Companies that want to become agile fail to overcome the change management barrier and, at the same time, make this change continuous and lasting.

How can Flight Levels Academy help your organization?

There are 3 types of levels that Flight Levels Academy uses:

Level 1:

Operations: Teams and individuals, where work is delivered, the product is manufactured, and customers are helped.

Level 2:

Level 2 connects them: coordination. Between levels and between teams.

Level 3:

At the pinnacle of Guiding us, we have the Strategy: the direction and priority of the company.

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