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Learn-AI-bility: learning with artificial intelligence

Iván Martín Bermejo

Iván Martín Bermejo

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Today more than ever we need to learn. Any time, any place is a good time. This is something most of us already understand. Contact with learning sources, which are many and varied, must be ubiquitous and persistent. It only depends on our attitude, we must always be willing, because our mind, like parachutes, only works when it is open.

But what if that were not enough? With so much to know, with how fast everything changes… We need accelerators to our learning capacity.

With this ‘foregone conclusion’ we explored the possibilities that artificial intelligence can give us if we want to expand the capacity of our brain, and the result was shown at the ALWAYS LEARNING DAY event, organized by Netmind at LA NAVE in Madrid on June 27th.

Although it is true that we have obtained some answers (which we are now going to summarize) I think we are still talking about ‘foregone conclusions’ because this AI – which is here to stay – has only just arrived. When it develops its full potential, when we know everything we are going to be able to do, then we will have ‘real’ conclusions. Fortunately, we just have to ‘wait and see’.

artificial inteligence

1. Transcribe and summarize videos

To begin this journey we will start from the most elementary concept, how to ‘apprehend’ (i.e., acquire) more concepts in the same time or how to apprehend concepts faster.

One option, without Artificial Intelligence, is to put those videos with which we so often train ourselves in 2x speed. But, to avoid the headache and that when you go back to your ‘real’ life people look like they are snoozing, AI offers us a solution.

  • A long technical video, such as the one in the example, can be transcribed and summarized.
  • The summary is divided into sections with a description of each session.
  • In addition, the summary includes a minute summary so that you can access the part of the video you are interested in.
artificial inteligence

2. Extract information from text with ChatGPT

Gimme Summary AI is a Chrome extension that, when you click on it in your browser toolbar, opens a predefined “Gimme a summary in a simple language” query to ChatGPT (you must have an account in this application).

This produces the expected result. It gives you a summary of the web page you are on (in English) regardless of how the text is written. It is very useful for analyzing articles published online (and, yes, it is also possible to ‘upload’ a pdf you have locally to the web to be analyzed).

But, the best thing is that you can edit that predefined query. And this is where the magic happens. You can ask it to look for something specific in the text, to translate it, or to make the summary stick to a paragraph… Whatever you want.

In the video in the next video, we put it to a difficult test. How do you think the author of the article thinks? The ability to interpret is amazing.

artificial inteligence

3. Expand readability with extended queries

If you have a Kindle or any other eBook you might have a dictionary that helps you with the meaning of some words. And this is good, because some authors seem to struggle to find the strangest ones 😊.

ToolTips is something else. This new Chrome extension generates a ‘light bulb’ next to your mouse when you select any word or set of words that appears in the content you’re browsing.

If you click on that ‘light bulb’ you get a contextualized definition, but it also allows you to ask any question you want related to the term (with ChatGPT behind it), and even suggests questions to ask.

artificial inteligence

4. Generate voice from texts

Finally, sometimes what we want is to listen to things, to learn while we are engaged in tasks like driving or ironing.

AI has multiple solutions for reading text, and it does so with amazing accuracy. The Voice Generator tool closes the circle of this presentation because it allows to change the speed of the voice, the tone and even the speaker, which is very useful to adapt it and not to fall into monotony sometimes.

In this video you will see how from written texts, you can create the diction of your choice. The last one follows the patterns that experts propose to be more convincing: a little louder than normal, a little deeper than normal and a little faster than normal.

Judge for yourself, if it has convinced you, but, be that as it may, don't stop learning. And with artificial intelligence, do it to the fullest!

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Iván Martín Bermejo

Iván Martín Bermejo

Iván Martín, Business Development Manager at Netmind, is a consultant with more than 15 years of experience in large companies and boutique consulting firms associated with Technology and Organizational Strategy such as Accenture, Deloitte, ManpowerGroup or Quint. His experience includes areas such as Digital Strategy, Business Agility, Organizational and Cultural Change Management, Lean Thinking, Design Thinking, Technology Management or Project and Team Management. He is certified in Agile, Lean, ITIL, among others, and is PHR by HRCI. He currently works for Netmind Business Development, focusing on the company's transformation portfolio, and is especially dedicated to some of the largest companies in both the Spanish and international markets. Author of the book The Lean PlayBook.

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