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Courses in Transformational Leadership

As organizations embark on the journey of becoming more agile and creating value-oriented teams, they will inevitably face a great challenge: finding empowered teams to embrace the movement as agents of change and to lead the transformation. A successful transformation requires a system that provides teams with the tools and skills to have greater decision-making capacity and autonomy, improve their motivation and commitment, and manage complexity from a systemic point of view.

Our catalog of transformational leadership and change management training courses was designed to help professionals successfully lead the process of change and transformation. The new leadership profile must include a collaborative approach to relationships, non-violent communication skills, the use feedback as a tool for team growth, effective conflict resolution, and an emphasis on conscious leadership.

Additionally, all our courses apply industry recognized best practices, such as those defined by the Change Management Institute, tools like LEGO® Serious Play®, and other dynamic gamification solutions.