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B2T Training Announces New Certification Program-EN

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Atlanta, GA | May 23, 2018 – B2T Training LLC, a leading provider of business analysis training and agile transformation services based in Atlanta, GA, announced today that it has released a new business analysis certification program.

As a leading provider of business analysis training, B2T Training has been issuing the BA Certified and BA Associate designations since 2003. These certifications validate an individual’s knowledge of critical analytical concepts and skills necessary to perform his or her role as a business analyst. The program has proven to be a valuable measurement of business analysis performance across organizations.

Building on its success, this program has been updated to reflect a reality that the role of a business analyst is changing and becoming more diverse. Just as roles on development teams are becoming less and less defined, a highly structured certification program no longer serves the best interest of organizations, students or the constant evolution of skills needed for success.

Through the incorporation of badges, the path to certification is now a personalized experience. Individuals and organizations can focus their learning experiences on the specializations that directly benefit their unique role/position. Badge specializations include:

  • Agile Analysis
  • Analysis Planning
  • Business Rules
  • Data Analysis
  • Elicitation/Facilitation
  • Functional Analysis
  • Process Analysis
  • Strategy & Solution Evaluation

In addition, B2T Training has added two additional certification designations – Agile Analysis Practitioner and Product Owner Practitioner. Each of these certifications were designed to recognize an advanced ability to support agile project teams, enable change by defining needs, and ensure valuable solutions.

All certifications and badges are supported by Open Badges. Existing BA Certified and BA Associate certification holders will retain their status. For more on the new program, please visit

About B2T Training

B2T Training connects business value with technology. Our mission is to address your agile and traditional business analysis training and maturity needs by focusing on value-driven and lean analysis approaches. Our experts will help your team learn to take complex concepts and streamline them using techniques and tools to ensure you are building and delivering the right thing.


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Picture of Kaley Abernathy

Kaley Abernathy

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