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7 Business Agility Practices thar work on (almost) any team

The annual conference organized by the Austrian agile community is back: the Agile Tour Vienna will take place on Thursday September 14, and will serve as a platform to discuss current trends, innovative approaches, new perspectives and best practices focusing on five themes: Scrum, Kanban, Lean, DevOps and AI.

The Agile Tour Vienna will bring together international experts, professionals and people of diverse interests who want to learn, share knowledge and experiences to incorporate agile values and principles.

Among the participating speakers is our colleague Miquel Rodríguez, Consulting Director at Netmind, who will be part of Track 5: Team First with his talk 7 Business Agility Practices to work on (almost) any team.

The conference will identify the 7 essential Lean-Agile practices that any agile team must have to respond to the changing needs of their customers.

“Business agility is only possible if the entire organization adopts a Lean-Agile mindset”, Agile teams can now be found in departments beyond IT such as HR, marketing, finance and legal, however, teams, are not always clear on what it means to be agile and what techniques best suit their needs; therefore we invite you not to miss this talk where we will explain why agile teams are a key element for business agility, as well as discover how you can apply these Lean-Agile practices to improve your competency and establish a suggested roadmap.

📅 September 14, 14:00 (GMT-5).

Do you know Miquel Rodríguez?

Miquel (LinkedIn) is an experienced training instructor and consultant who dedicates his career to helping organizations succeed in their IT projects and bring out the best in their teams.

As Consulting Director at Netmind, he works with all types of companies where he leads the organization of agile improvements and transformations. Miquel holds a university degree in Computer Science from the Universitat Autònoma de Catalunya, a master’s degree in IT Management and an Executive MBA from La Salle University.

Miquel Rodríguez at Netmind Barcelona offices

In addition, he has completed the Design Thinking for Business Innovation program at Aalto University of Helsinky and ESADE Business School. Last but not least, he is co-author of the book “La empresa Ágil” (ed. Anaya, 2019), and has taught at several Spanish universities.

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Picture of Alejandra Rodríguez

Alejandra Rodríguez

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