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B2T Training Announces Acquisition by Netmind-EN

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Atlanta, GA | January 29, 2018 – B2T Training LLC, a leading provider of business analysis training and agile transformation services based in Atlanta, GA announced today that it has been acquired by Netmind International LLC (a Miami-based US subsidiary of Netmind Group) effective January 1, 2018. As a result of the transaction, B2T Training will continue to operate as B2T Training LLC with Netmind International LLC as owner.

Along with maintaining their current service offerings, B2T Training will begin including Netmind’s expansive portfolio of training courses and certifications, as well as their advanced services for IT talent empowerment and change management. This combination will allow B2T Training’s clients the opportunity for a more comprehensive digital transformation in the US and internationally.

As a company whose underlying mission is #alwayslearning, Netmind’s passion for training is at their core. Netmind’s CEO, Bernat Palau, said, “The synergy between B2T Training and Netmind has been a part of our relationship since we became partners in 2009. When looking for a more international presence by expanding our operations into the United States, approaching B2T Training was the obvious choice. Netmind is thrilled to be joining forces with B2T Training and offering our clients an unparalleled, comprehensive experience in digital transformation and change managemnt.”

In conjunction with the acquisition and purchase agreement, Tina Joseph, founder and CEO, has retired. “Since opening B2T Training’s doors in 2000, Tina has been an invaluable asset to the company and the business analysis community. Her passion for business analysis, the growth of its community, and the positive culture she fostered within B2T Training has been extraordinary. Tina created a family within our company; as a leader and a friend, she will be missed by all,” said Kaley Abernathy, Director of Marketing.

Ali Cox, CBAP, PMP, SAFe Agilist, CSM, and B2T Training Senior Instructor since 2004, will assume her position under the title of General Manager. In regard to the acquisition, Ali stated, “This is an exciting time for B2T Training and for our customers. We will be able to offer a more robust curriculum that will enable our customers to learn, transform, achieve, and provide value in turn to their own customers.” Aleix Palau, Partner & CCO, and Bernat Palau, Partner & CEO, will work closely with Ali and maintain their current roles and titles.

About B2T Training

B2T Training connects business value with technology. Our mission is to address your agile and traditional business analysis training and maturity needs by focusing on value-driven and lean analysis approaches. Our experts will help your team learn to take complex concepts and streamline them using techniques and tools to ensure you are building and delivering the right thing.

About Netmind 

For more than 30 years, Netmind has a been focused on training and promoting digital business through IT people. Netmind’s mission is to help IT teams to promote and lead the digital transformation of their organizations through training and support services that allow them to develop their talent, promote powerful cultural changes, and transform their management models. Services include IT management training, IT talent empowerment, IT culture transformation and IT agility and improvement. For more information, visit


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Picture of Kaley Abernathy

Kaley Abernathy

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